Which is more important good websites or good promotion methods


a good site or an important way to promote it?. From the beginning of 2005 to now more than 3 years, get up at 4 every morning lying in front of the computer to update the site, until now, today I suddenly asked what is the important way to promote good website or important, here is my idea, so that everyone laughed at the

every webmaster every day thinking about how to promote their website, never too much thinking about their own web site. This is a blog I made when I was 05 years old. Http://s.woyaolearn.cn/, I would like to talk about how to promote the website.

1. links

every day to do the first thing is to find someone else to do see Links, in each big forum, Baidu Post Bar and QQ group search, every day people do, brother Links? A little dignity are not, but no way to do, because I am a new station only to improve web PR value, the effect will be PR high SEO. There is a chance to get a lot of targeted traffic from the search engines.

2. send e-mail to others

spent 800 yuan to buy a mass mailing software, 24 hours open computer, do not know is not as bad as they say, anyway, every day I send 5000 mail from the mail to the website, I estimate with less than 1/1000.

3. stores on major supply and demand information websites and shopping websites to promote their website

every day I can register in the shop online shop and then put their own website and link, put some jump code, did 1 months of my site every day there are about 1000 IP, click on the ads do a day can have a revenue of about 70. That’s pretty good. But then less and less, until 2007, when Baidu blocked my stop, I was worried, and then I put a blog http://s.www.86gps.com/gpsblog/

on my friend’s website

I used 3 days to let him included, but how also can’t do, and then listen to my friend said to write soft Wen, Baidu to blog included strict requirements.

4. soft Wen promotion

mentioned the write headache die do not know how to write, I really regret why not make up, ah, there is a period of time is a wife to help me write, but all her work, I can not help myself Xiaxie, beginning to copy someone else’s article and then sent to their on the site every day, so hard but there is no return, little gray. But everything comes slowly, from meetings to meetings. Although I can write articles now, I suddenly feel I am wrong.

, I’m a little confused. With so much effort, why can’t the website do it?