Evaluation of advertising effectiveness of Web site navigation station

because of the success of hao123, in recent years, more and more websites and navigation stations are emerging. Because of the rise of e-commerce, the well-known navigation website advertising costs are increasingly high, it is no exaggeration to say that the electronic commerce enterprise featuring a large number of Web site navigation, such as: hao3609991, go20001616… And so on… In the early days, web site navigation stations were just tools for Internet users to search for information. Now, they have become an import medium for e-commerce enterprises to compete.

site navigation station advertising cost is high? Put in effect how? What are the web site navigation input-output ratio of the highest? This is a lot to site navigation station advertising people are most concerned about the problem! Following these issues one by one to give answers, hope can help you further assessment of the navigation station, thus as far as possible to the effective delivery of


1, we first look at a major navigation station advertising cost comparison (newspaper: publish price, the actual price::




needs to say is that this offer is not the latest offer. The latest price, hao360, and shopping pages are twenty thousand / month, let alone hao123. Hao123 and 360 home page is not rich can go up, as far as I know, on the premise of the 360 home page is your platform, Alexa ranking in less than 10W, otherwise, money is not given. From the above table, we can see that the two navigation station advertising prices like GDP to rise, and even can be said to have risen a bit ridiculous, makes a lot of e-commerce platform to see such a price is prohibitive. But from another perspective, the navigation station traffic is really can not be underestimated, every day from a station over the well-known navigation flow, generally between several thousand to tens of thousands, the fledgling e-commerce platform near, is not a small flow.

2, when it comes to the effect of delivery, it is not absolute, can not be generalized. The same location, different e-commerce platform, the effect of delivery is completely different. For example, hao360 home shopping third position is a well-known business platform in the delivery, one day can bring about traffic around 3000-5000; and the same position, if the Jingdong or other well-known electricity supplier VANCL in investment estimation, hits a day to tens of thousands, so your platform visibility decide your ad clicks. The more clicks, the lower the cost of a single click, and I believe this is a formula that every electricity supplier will compute. As for the conversion rate, it also varies from person to person, which has a lot to do with the products you sell. Despite the popularity of the site does not say, where 29 yuan POLO shirt, definitely more than a sale of 280 yuan a POLO shirt platform conversion rate is much higher. Although not to say that low prices will be a high rate of conversion, but in most cases, it is true, after all, accustomed to buying 29>