Chongseo talk about using worms soft do the chain of several methods

a lot of friends feel the site outside the chain is not interesting, is very boring, everyday use software to blog, forum message, inquiry platform group, classification information group, and the chain of hair is indeed a lot, but the effect is really vulnerable. Chongseo think, wrong way outside the chain of insect YHI put chongseo today, a few tall master friends see you share.

a, BBS outside chain construction should be broad and fine,

a lot of friends in the forum to do outside the chain effect is getting worse, chongseo chongseo believes that as long as I beg to differ, the content of your hair as long as well, there are more people to see your post, so your post will become hot, leading to your site will get traffic, also reached the site the purpose of publicity, also left the chain, high quality, therefore, our website forum to do outside the chain construction, post content is better, and when reply back to the top, not good posts, LZ said, I also like to study, we can collect more nutritious reply, so your post even if there is no link to your forum signature can also play a role. I believe that the "soft worms" means "BBS signature" method, we should all know, point the universal right button, everything also see.

two, the construction of the chain to have relevance,

chongseo before the "10 method allows you to effectively increase the chain" also mentioned correlation, now, every kind of website let us dazzle dazzle, which website strong correlation, we in the chain above, the effect will be the best. For example, worm marketing software with SEO method, then chongseo can go to some big webmaster forums or software BBS to post, also can use the method of worm Baidu know, to answer the problem of correlation, then the appropriate adding links, if included, so the effect is very good, I think the way friends also understand you should all know.

three, using the competitor’s link

called Zhiyizhibi after 100 not dangerous, sometimes we can rival research is how to do the chain, the specific measures of domain: a competitor’s site, look at what to do in sparsely, then joined the above two views, patience to do so, he is more than a matter of. A worm can also be used to where he is hotlinking, do the chain address to batch Bachu, then we go mass.

four, the construction of the chain to have skills


chain covers text chain and the anchor text of the chain, the anchor text chain effect no doubt better than pure text outside the chain, but the problem is that many of the sites are not made with pure text, not to mention the anchor text, is actually not too rigid, we in the post as a it was.