Development prospects of consumer reviews websites from new applications of QQ space

recently, Tencent QQ space in 2011 officially launched a new version of the QQ version, add a lot of new function space. Among them, the new "eating and drinking" is more concerned about the application, which marks the Tencent officially entered the field of consumer living.

is the main field of consumer reviews, reputation nets, net love a band in a leading position, and reached the Tencent the penguin also intensifies the competition in this industry.

, as mentioned earlier in the computer world Tencent on dog day, would certainly be an opportunistic predator as long as it had a promising future. It always quietly layout, quietly appear in your back; it is always out of mind in the most appropriate time, so that the same industry anxious and preoccupied. Now, Tencent quietly reached the field of consumer reviews, but also means that consumer comment sites have great potential for development.

from the current Tencent’s "eating and drinking" application point of view, it mainly relies on users to add shops, comments, and use medals and honors to attract users to participate actively. Relying on its huge user base, the application on the line, received a lot of users sought after, but also attracted many frequented by other users of other sites commented on the internet. Especially some shopkeepers are also very willing to register their own shop above, hoping to bring benefits or popularity. And customers in the business after consumption, but also willing to release the feelings of consumption above to share with friends.

has incomplete statistics, there are thousands of review websites at home. The thousands of Web sites in addition to, word-of-mouth network, love help nets and a few oligarchs, more are local review site. To the author of the operation of the online, for example, the unity of the line for the user is only a small town, only tens of thousands of people, in less than 20 minutes can be around the unity of the town to turn a circle.

2009, when I proposed to build a unity for the town consumption review site, many people are not optimistic, saying that unity is too small town, at least to do a whole city of Chengdu has a future. But I carefully analyzed, Chengdu currently has "Chengdu", "eating and drinking nets", "dense network" and so on, all belong to the consumer website, and has done very successfully. What is more important is that I witnessed a life in Chengdu for consumer websites from the beginning to the whole process of the collapse of losses, to do so in terms of capital or technology and other aspects are not others is strong, less likely to succeed.

and, like Chengdu’s primary market competition very much, in addition to the Chengdu local network, dense network idle away in seeking pleasure, word-of-mouth network, net love a band also occupy a lot of market, whether it is human or not we are not other opponents, propaganda is very difficult. Once an expert told me, "now, if you don’t have the money to do the background, don’t worry too much. The bigger you do, the faster you die, and the most promising thing is doing."