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GOOGLE today to check "an alliance", was not included, ha, practice, new thing, not what strange. Surprisingly, I published an article yesterday in Admin5, "super magical Baidu, 1 hours included" was actually found out. It looks like Admin5 is still GOOGLE’s favorite.

Three days after the space on the

website, only with a few friends said: if the next time what I can do for you, I just sent to my site to keep an eye on the future, is no longer call. The amount of traffic down is interesting. Now let’s see:

the first day (11):41 IP

second days (12 days):108 IP

third days (13 days):62 IP (until 11 a.m.)

on the first day, did not how propaganda, only in the university classmate QQ group issued a message, said that so I asked the answer to the question has been answered, please go where to see it. So, 41IP is totally classmates point.

second days, because the short time was included in Baidu, life for the first time a little natural excitement, to Admin5 sent a text (before looking for some novice must read the article to see, so know Admin5). I want to share: Baidu is very sensitive to phrases that have never been seen before. So, apart from my classmates, other IP is basically Admin5 or other forums.

third days, noon did not arrive on the 62IP, and this is due to Admin5 reasons, the article has been included in the engine and other forums turned, posted it off.

I’m analyzing the IP here, not because I care about the IP. Even if I start with 10000 IP, I won’t be happy, because other people have read the article, and this is very accidental, does not mean that they like my website. What I need is not IP, but the recognition of others. It is the long-term support of the readers.

I am

information systems professional background, the main technology is C, VB, ASP, SQL, IT in the past two years, including the PDA application software, ERP system, short message platform product development, a very wide range. I usually help friends or net friend to develop some office entertainment software, in order to alleviate their work pressure. Over time, accumulated a lot of daily use of small software, are their own development. I think since there are friends who need to work, it means that other people who do the same kind of work need it. I might as well send them to the Internet to download them. So an alliance so out.

is the name "an alliance" at the university with his girlfriend (now wife has been upgraded to think together). At first, I wrote a Q image of a pig and a girlfriend in my notebook