How do go on the road to website

I am 28 years old this year, Xi’an discount nets webmaster, think of yourself from graduation to the present day, is to be "a Liang Tian saying:" I love my home "almost 30 people cannot rule the Wu, not pong" ah, now have their own experience to write out is to give young after a back to do a lesson, ado.

since I do not love learning, the school has Zaolian (hey everybody has had the results), as can be imagined, not admitted to university, home to say no to a technical school, because at the time the high school has opened a computer course, the school is 286 or 5 inch disc DOS. The school has not paid much attention, the curriculum arrangement and a PE class on Friday afternoon, when we are not in love with the class, went to the gym, then compare and love sports teacher leave say uncomfortable, and I next class in the last. Remember the most exaggerated one are skipping on my computer, the teacher more optimistic! Give me a person, of course, sometimes to the teacher to help make a report of what, 3 years of high school soon passed, no way in May 8th of that year to participate in the adult examination (May 8, 1999 we still remember the day the U.S. embassy bombing China).

a month, but the results down, fractional line, wait until September to take this baggage to Xi’an in Xi’an, a 2 school is a college, the consciousness of the poor man like me, not to mention the university free environment, again (Global girl) specialized or small but careful study, consequence is that the class of 23 people 17 people are relying on some of my professional courses (literally 4 note C language invigilator caught me to pass the classmate I’m out). The flight of time, this sentence is now realized, the past 3 years of college, and students on a college, finally went to the Xi’an Jiao Tong University is famous for the hey hey hey! What a pity or an adult. Because of the undergraduate courses and specialized courses are almost the same, so it is not how to go to class, this time also met a girl, to have sailed the seven seas water! Not to mention. 2 years passed quickly, and at this time the head was really a circle.

go to the job fair to resume sending up, people start to see is Xi’an Jiaotong University with smile, see the back of the graduation certificate,! How many 2 sub adults, and left, go to the examination because of school and company with the poor far, at that time in the class. Was also immensely proud to see a world of difference, the pressure! Full of big, home students are almost all work, a strength of rush home, sloshing a year still can not find a job, then the eye is relatively high (let everyone jokes) to software company. Then he thought for a moment, or to support themselves, to a computer training school in Xi’an as a technical maintenance, wages are very low, but the cost of living in Xi’an is relatively low, in the school sloshing for 4 months.