When the nternet media start doing deep news will the user pay for it


1.’s serious report is not a patent for traditional media. Internet media can make serious content widely disseminated through richer forms of presentation;

2. tells readers valuable content by analyzing, combing and presenting the data;

3. lacks a mature profit model that could affect the continued quality of output on the web’s deep content;

4., for domestic online media, the depth of content may become an opportunity to expand their influence.

we’re surrounded by information,

when news becomes more and more and channels are getting richer, a reflective proposition needs to be taken seriously: the more information, the closer it is to reality,


networks produce unprecedented information, noise, and become more difficult to see the truth of things.

in the past April, three foreign media launched a new website of their own, are under the name Vox media website Vox, ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight, "and" New York Times’s The Upshot.

three media sites, time points are concentrated, and positioning is basically the same: Based on the power of data, to explain to readers a variety of complexity events. In these new sites, you can see such as "American middle class why not rich, democratic and Republican climate change differences root", "network neutrality behind the future of the Internet for" combining hot topics and depth. They help to deepen readers’ understanding of news events by means of various data and dynamic diagrams in reducing the causes, results and significance of complex events.

this image shows how the content website connects users to

via the InternetIn contrast to past news reports,

‘s new style of reporting, in addition to explaining what has happened, is more concerned with letting readers know what impact it has on me". Just like the The Upshot editor in chief Leonhardt said in the report, economic news and unfavorable factors five, really useful for readers is to tell them that the biggest impact factors of economic environment? What is bad or good


it is curious why network media there will be such a "explanatory reporting" trend? What is compared to the traditional media, network media to enter the field of advantages and disadvantages? This trend for China media reference paper will be in where?.

how do you do "interpretative reporting" news websites?

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