Three factors that determine the success or failure of a web site

determinants of the success of the site a lot, involving many aspects of capital, technology, team, marketing, positioning, competition and honesty; qianlizhidi, ulcer in the colony, the site is no small thing, do not regard as unimportant. This article is not about these factors (which will be discussed later), but rather the factors involved in the details. I attribute it to three uses: usefulness, ease of use, and utility.

talk about useful first.

we often hear the question: "does this thing work?" actually, the other person is asking whether it is valuable or not. The value is good, no value simply do not fail. Similarly, useful is also the site of the core value, the website is useful for users, it is valuable, if not, we also operate the site to do so what? So we want to build a useful and valuable website.

you would ask, what kind of website is useful,


Sina News reported comprehensive enough, fast enough, but also interactive comment on Sina, users can preview, there is reason to go to other places to see the news? This shows that Sina News content is useful to the user. E-mail, the first application of the Internet, has become a part of people’s lives, and its value for people is that it is fast and able to store data. QQ/MSN, instant messaging software, the distance closer, like face-to-face dialogue, I sentence you, improve the communication efficiency, but also can transfer large files, video and multimedia conference, this is the value of QQ.

, Taobao did not come out before, domestic C2C people basically eBay shop, eBay allows the store manager to open up and make money, this is the value of ebay. But with his charges and free Taobao, the old value is the new value replaced free shop + Taobao large advertising, allowing the manager to win customers and earn money, this is Taobao to the value of the user.


Taobao not only solves the seller shipped a tiger with wings added, payment convenience, and give a sense of security buyers funds, which is paid treasure to both the value of. This is also one of the reasons for eBay’s defeat. Although iResearch provides industry information, this is not his value, and its value lies in providing industry analysis reports, more or less to provide reference for enterprise decision-making. Local recipes network provides users with various local dishes, specialties, home dishes and so on to satisfy people’s dietary needs. This is the value of the local recipes network.

, Facebook/51.COM and other SNS websites break through the inherent social circle, allowing users to expand their relationships and display themselves in the virtual network, and satisfy the needs of emptiness, curiosity and unlimited publicity. This is the value that SNS brings to the user. Happy network is a breakthrough in this demand, into the game amused content, giving a sense of pleasure, this is the value of happy nets.

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