Media convergence is not the way to develop local websites


local website development today, after numerous storms and not fall, has confirmed its tenacious vitality. However, in the present era, the whole arena of the forum will no longer appear. In the face of the rise of WeChat, the proliferation of micro-blog, and the upcoming new media battle of traditional media, what is the local website? I think the media convergence is not the development of local websites.

someone once asked me what kind of website the city of Yangzhou is like, "I said, I don’t know.". In fact, from the city of Yangzhou is the Yangzhou Times Blog network, it is called the netizen is a grotesque website, because the blog is often used as a forum, not lengthy text, Mito is flooding site, plus the page is completely push portal, so give people the feeling, this is where this is a blog site? Until 2008, after the blog turned Yangzhou city of Yangzhou, we are the iron heart clashed with the local community go on the road, but the world is changing too fast, and Pumianerlai, then micro-blog Shadao, now WeChat is overwhelming. Faced with so many alternative gameplay, a city’s local website, especially in the three – line city site does not change, then may eventually only end. Because from the beginning of mixed age I know,, most users of the site loyalty will not exceed half a year.

and then back to the question, what is the city of Yangzhou? I think it can be a micro-blog account, or a micro-blog matrix guaiders; can be a WeChat public platform; you can be on the mobile phone that can send APP map; of course, can also be the local community to your home computer on the desktop. Each media platform relying on each other, but also relatively independent, each line extends out different types of users, each line locking a group of users, and ultimately the success of a well-known city of Yangzhou network brand.

in fact, the existence of multi platform, but also let us these sites can appear more simply in front of users, only you are more easily touched by each other, it is possible to proceed to the next step. That’s probably why scanning QR codes is so popular. It will be the original complex ABCD typing way, directly changed to get rid of, save time is, but closer to the distance.

network media platform for editing fusion, put forward higher requirements, not only because they will have to be a forum post, WeChat, micro-blog also can be fun, simple point DZ inside the micro-blog share button to send micro-blog share effect, this approach will only let micro-blog or WeChat users come to a standstill. Because your content doesn’t attract them, and the title party tricks up to one or two times. Since the share, then why not the 140 words you want to express the content of the linking micro-blog refined, with a picture showing in front of friends? You’re not Jihouhou told friends, points our forum, but you can.