ndividual stationmaster does a station to want a word ruthless

why do you say that?. Do stand "ruthless", some people do not understand. Is it a lie or a flicker of the user, fooled the masses? Of course not these. Make a stand. Premise must not have the idea of Huyou people, I say here is the following ruthless.

1, be ruthless to yourself.

new station debut, the most difficult is yourself. A new station, never included included, this is a long day. As long as the brothers who have been standing, they should understand the sweets and bitters of life. Really sleep later than dogs, and even earlier than chickens. Make the beggar than low. This is the portrayal of the stationmaster. All the webmaster brothers are so little, from the dark to the light. A new station. Start from site date. You’d better not touch it after you’ve made the template. The rest of the time is relentless. Stay up late. Get up early. Swap links, put your face down. Multiple connections. I think most of the men are men. Sometimes it’s really tough.

was the same. At that time the heart is not really what good taste. Hard at night to find more connections. Work harder during the day and give more content. If it’s all done. Write articles when you have time. Publish original content. If it is a collection of sites. Brother, don’t be lazy, either. If you can change it more, change it. The best title changes.. It was very hard. But it’s for myself, too. Be tough on yourself. (body or matter, run around when you have time.


2, to SEO ruthless

, that’s SEO here. Although I don’t know much about SEO. But I think SEO should be helpful. The page is best used with DIV DIV, now many webmaster is a type. Senior monk, we can not do it. That we as a senior lay disciples. See whose website looks good. IE- save. OK. Of course, choose the DIV class.

The TITLE of the

page should be set. Don’t get too many keywords. Just 2-4. Too much is not good for the site. Remember, we can see my station, www.91kk.net game site, included is not bad.

description is best written. Although Baidu is not too concerned about this. But when it is written, it is recognized by Baidu. It will take snapshots of this thing. It’s ok if you don’t write. Because it belongs to a website format, I think it is written on a more matching point. The home page puts some key words related to this site. Must not be too much. Relevant is ok. The real deal is don’t write on what you want to do.

3, study hard


was young, everyone knew. Study hard and make progress every day。 You’re right。 As a station master. Whether you are a monk or a lay disciple. Can not give up learning. Want to do a good. There are many things to learn.

as far as I’m concerned. Skilled monk. But I still think I’m learning too much