Stationmaster talk about do website content is kingly way

talked about this topic, I believe that many owners and small Q, the beginning is not to know how to start, now almost all we do website, just for you can find a lot, but now greatly small website with complex, Internet users demand although there is not much change, but more and more elusive. How to break through tight encirclement, make the characteristic of oneself website, attract more netizen, it is the difficult problem that every stationmaster thinks in the heart.

small Q not only, also come to talk about in the mind view, that is: content is kingly way.

in fact, simple, users look at the habits of the site, and we usually see MM who are the same, small Q cite a simple example. One day a day, suddenly dad to introduce me to a little girl, said to solve my marriage, although the arranged marriage does not popular now, but feel that there is a small Q look at the necessary. So, little Q will be ready to meet the girl, and before that, little Q needs a good idea. Here are the following:

1, this girl looks at least not too bad, small Q although not big handsome, but at least can not find a dinosaur MM,


2, if this MM beautiful words, that small Q will have to see MM’s character and connotation how, hey hey,


3, of course, the connotation of loading is also possible, so, ah, have to prepare long-term inspection strategy, in order to prepare MM short pretend ladies behavior, cheat little Q heart.

, which is also the most user psychology, I came to see you in the site, at least your website don’t too ugly, although I’m not high, but your site’s design, structure, access speed not too sorry for me, otherwise I can see ah, the first impression is very bad, the you expect me to often come later?? it is funny? The site looks and together, began to look at the content, content also seems to be good, then you are a good website?? no way, write a few good articles who will not ah, you have the ability to update every day, a month, this means you can a bit of strength. Therefore, the original is not the foundation of the success of the site, and continuous originality is the most important.

in front of this is nonsense, there is no real meaning, for many webmaster, all know this meaning, but in the process of implementation, there are a few webmaster can do it? Small question. So we often see some webmaster in order to facilitate search engine crawl, constantly study HTML language, DIV, CSS, research how pages more clean and convenient, but have not get the results you want. Ask, the shelf of a website is good-looking, but the content inside it is very lousy however, can you keep an engine, can you stay the target group of long-term client?


what is a good connotation,


first, professionalism. Good connotation is the embodiment of customer needs, we must set a good audience. You don’t need to be a game station, so you don’t have to update the game. If you’re free to develop your own little FLASH games, then you are >