Baidu K station unreasonable

once, we just started in SEO, and also the child of a green hand, looking forward to the future, I believe the rules are fair, that did optimization ranking will not be K, I believe that Baidu is fair. We study SEO knowledge diligently, learning SEO skills, understand the search engine, racking their brains to write original, try to send the chain, refuse to be cowed or submit exchange friend chain, the problems encountered the webmaster community forums for advice, because at that time, we believe that there is a return, all efforts for Baidu change a fair position.

now, the webmaster forum still there are so many people ask: why Baidu consulting diagnosis website not included, why the website included a little, not updated snapshot, ranking suddenly gone, why is K. Many times, the feeling of this weak question is very pale. In fact, in addition to a little technical and common sense of attention, the 37 site diagnostic analysis can only say that the Baidu K station unreasonable. Instead of digging into the hollow mind, why are you being K, it’s better to change your mind,


Baidu every time the algorithm big update, always accompanied by a large number of accidentally injured web site. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, always let most of our webmaster feel, the K site without K, link trading, stand group, edge station still popular. Honestly doing SEO website, but was broken into eighteen layers, hell can not turn over. Baidu this series of actions, whether it implies us: do not expect to do SEO, useless, say you can do, say no, no!


of course, these remarks are a bit extreme. Any successful search engine can not ignore the user experience, otherwise it has been eliminated. They have their existence reason, search engine set up a set of index, collection, sorting system, always has its commercial purpose. Baidu wants people to like it, of course, must pay attention to a certain user experience. User experience, and people will rely on. Due to people’s dependence, leading to search engine rankings of the heat, and because the ranking of the heat, pregnant with the commercial value of SEO rankings, it is this commercial value exists, it gave birth to the development of the SEO industry. The so-called demand, there is the market, is so.

commercial search engine guide SEO, is to the user experience as the starting point, let the user feel natural and website, and more importantly, don’t try to rank around, don’t try to conflict with each other commercial interests. And many of us, SEO, are trying to touch these minefields". Of course, in the SEO industry, of course, all the work is only to do a good ranking, in exchange for flow and transformation, to win profits. Unfortunately, SEOer sometimes these efforts are not within the reach of Baidu. In fact, we SEOER just contrary to the existence of the site, the purpose is to operate rather than ranking. Both competitors, or Baidu itself, are lurking behind us, working hard for our purposes. We should not only surpass our competitors in our efforts, but also avoid them to some extent