Overall analysis of competitors three Service

why Haier can rise rapidly in the land of China, people become the mouth praise Yu Bin that Haier appliance brand? Is the path to victory lies in its service, business success is the most important service, believe that no matter what the enterprises or employees, most people will agree with my opinion.

It is important for

to study the service intelligence of its competitors, which need to be understood in the following aspects:

, 1 competitors in the service system, service system of customer service cost is very important, what is the cost of installation of the water heater, what install water heater, water heater replacement parts, how to calculate the maintenance cost, which is the core of enterprise service system, all maintenance personnel rely on maintenance to eat, therefore, customer service service cost calculation in relation to the normal life of maintenance personnel, the money is less people will not do.

2, competitors service guarantee, such as water heater overall warranty for a few years, the main components warranty for several years, how long to arrive at home service, whether there are 24 hours dedicated telephone, duty, etc..

3, a rival service honor and service quality, including competitors maintenance personnel service standards and regulations, such as compliance with the manual work, the dress is unified, attitude is sincere, quality assurance, customer satisfaction, whether the repair rate is much higher than the rate of complaints.

is the most direct method to obtain competitor intelligence, is directly to their customer service staff, the general customer service staff are very understanding of the whole process, many enterprises in the analysis of the competition tend to be the most important to ignore, actually looking for a rival of the customer service staff is the most effective way.

One of the main ways of

competitor’s product sales but also provide information, customers often complain about the product, will be the first to find that product sales, so the sales for product quality, customer complaint rate has a very deep understanding. In the end, it is proposed to integrate the multi channel approach to understand the service intelligence of competitors. The next section – a comprehensive analysis of four of competitors: manpower.

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