The four question entrepreneurs are easy to meet T teahouse together

The day before yesterday in IT

hosted a teahouse monthly theme party, this event is a small open gathering place in the election of high tech Zone Tianfu Software Studio, a total of 4 projects, from 1 in the afternoon began to exchange for nearly 4 hours, according to the positioning of each of them and project their own development goals, I made some suggestions and opinions based on personal experience, I hope to have some help to them. Specific content has been shared before, through the experience of these entrepreneurs to express personal views.


1. needs courage to start a business, so every IT entrepreneur deserves to be admired. At the same time, you should go deeper into your startup project. Through the IT teahouse, a large number of entrepreneurs are exposed to the same problem, only concerned about the market, while ignoring the analysis of their own advantages. Most entrepreneurs start by focusing on a market and feel they have a chance, then go to the field. Here Jialun first proposed analysis of characteristics and advantages of their own resources, and then look for the project and its anastomosis. I’ve heard more than once, "says the entrepreneur." I don’t know anything about the industry, but I’m sure this field will have a great future.

2. profit model positioning, should not once mentioned, beginning one or two profit, seriously do enough, avoid the expansion of the project is to highlight the former, first think of the 8 profit model, resulting in decentralized entrepreneurial energy, there is no early itself too much manpower and material force;

3. early in the business should take into account a variety of sharing, do not use "should not" and other words to deceive themselves. There are many risks in the process of entrepreneurship, and it is really difficult to predict, but there is a risk awareness in the early stage, which will allow you to have an ordinary mind in the most difficult time.

4. talent strategy, the initial stage of business, because it can not provide a favorable salary, it is difficult to recruit a certain level of talent. So don’t expect the recruitment form to make up for the problems facing enterprises, entrepreneurs often hear complaints of talent to find, for a small start-up companies, has extensive experience in high-end talent will not consider. The direct solution is to improve learning, or find a business partner, and the partner can not by what you divided into shares in the form of recruitment, but the real business partner, this is a matter of attitude, there are many entrepreneurs who share options to a single form of recruitment, in the heart still think of each other as a a staff to treat.

feeling, some may hope to a commonplace talk of an old scholar, wouldn’t make similar mistakes. (text / -IT Jialun teahouse)