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many friends think that the website must be profitable, it will need traffic, in fact, this view is not very correct,

provide to brokers?

1.            analysis of the owners or lessors, property buyers, tenants, the status quo and Countermeasures

1. newspaper, real estate, second-hand housing, information online.

2. brokerage company online store function, in fact, with the reality of the "WAL-MART" supermarket concept, everything is self-help, but the service is provided by the brokerage company.

A.                          the sale of rental process first to publish on the web information or to fill in the form of a brokerage firm secondary fill N times because there are a lot of brokers to sell or lease as soon as possible to fill a few home and Xiamen real estate supermarket network is the charm of all brokerage companies to implement joint owners purchase one-stop service, a city of Internet sharing, and Settings >

first positioning: Xiamen real estate supermarket is the brokerage company to provide Web Services Web site

4. provides a free and rigorous platform for brokers and owners and home buyers,


can’t rely too much on search engines sh419, etc.

      now almost everyone wants to make money through AdSense, and put it as a quick and simple and feasible way to be happy is Wangzhuan, AdSense can make you rich. But many people are upset about the low price per click of advertising! Leeron notes. The original author operates a HTNET website, the author admits he did not on the site for AdSense optimization, of course, this is a cause of low income, but after several years of observation, the author puts forward 5 very enlightening suggestions. I hope these 5 suggestions apply equally to the country and expect people who are struggling to find the theme of the site!

before we mentioned:

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also brings confusion and misunderstanding to many friends, causing the website not to go up and down,

also known as: real estate website profit model, the ultimate plan, "how the devil is tempered" continued, "peak operation, on-line monthly charges"


is crazy, but not me, but our client! What magic drives customers crazy?!

from the "real estate website profit pattern planning" is how to make the "devil" and "real estate website profit pattern planning" is how to make the ultimate devil "continued the" nail households "" mentioned are planning ideas and no actual hunting and operation and profit, first look at the status of his estate Xiamen supermarket network

      3. sites should have some interaction. There’s nothing worse than not updating your website for a long time. Maybe you don’t have enough time to update your website, but one thing to remember is that the Internet should be interactive, especially with visitors! In order to give visitors a good experience, should pay attention to the following aspects: the site should avoid compulsory registration, which is the biggest killer stop interactive; do not set the member area, in front of the powerful search engine crawling robot, it all becomes meaningless, you enrich the content of it, and then to take them as donations open to your visitors.

What services can

then, how do you take account of your customers? That’s the key,

      1. non technical field: the author thinks TECH is a reason for its low income, because the Geek is usually extremely sensitive to advertising smell, their advertising away; and most of the use of a large number of Firefox advertising shielding; then said technical aspects of the site too much. Geek has quite a few of them think trust website to obtain information, maybe they learned information before you did. So, if you want to make AdSense money for technical websites or blogs, you’d better adjust your plan, or you’ll regret it in the future! But there’s absolutely no shortcut to earning AdSense, and you should stay away from tech content websites or blogs, such as 2.

below, let us explain a case!

      2.; better focus on legal or medical content. Why? Lawyers and doctors are highly paid occupations, so people generally avoid dealing with them. After all, the cost is too high. In fact, most people don’t want to spend the money. So many people turn their attention to the Internet to get information. They prefer to search for a lot of useless information themselves and do not want to consult an expert. And if you’re building a website or blog that’s really simple, you can look for health and legal material using wikis, Wikipedia, or shlf1314 blogs.

someone asked, "what are you up to?" On-line a month on charges, IP only 450/ days, Xiamen is not your home in a real estate site, and ranking than you do flow is larger than you, and the on-line charge a month, you are not crazy? Can I get the money?"

3. information.