Three directions for making money on personal websitesWhat is the shortcut to success

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"did not find a teacher pointing," this is the most fatal weakness, but also they have failed in business reasons. A person has been working in the company, suddenly want to start a business, do not want to, the probability of failure is very large. Work can only learn the knowledge and experience to be used in the job, can not learn the experience required for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship requires a lot of knowledge, since management, but also forward, but also to adjust the direction of development and so on.

yesterday, when he saw the failure stories of several start-up friends, everyone summed up the lessons of his failure. Some are because of too much competition, malicious attacks by rivals, lack of capital chain, lack of experience, and so on. But I found that they all had one of the most important reasons for failure, and they didn’t know it at all. No one wrote it out in summing up his failure experience.

first, continue the most traditional route, by flow to eat…… Lifting method on the flow a lot of miscellaneous, specific members Different people, different views., which is not useful for hard to say, the same method in different hand out different effects, only hope that as soon as possible to find a suitable method! After a lot of traffic is advertising investment, the money will follow.

to learn by himself, but it is also very important for a teacher to give advice. Like the road of life suddenly

third is my most recommended is B2C, now I this station is in a safe sales address is www.gzsafes, welcome to visit! I also share my experience! Web site to do a month to not only sell one, but not by SEO the sh419 only included the home page is not reflected, estimated in the study period, or wait! I sell customers from my publicity in the city network. In a year but the basic cost of the site has earned back there. Through peer test probably learned that there are three to fifty thousand sales a month, I was on a good company and you don’t need Yahuo, basically is the general clerk, but it requires a bit of these resources, you will see yourself. Even if there is no, you can also do Taobao customers, I have tried before. The main need for you to choose a good direction to go, do not follow the trend, too hot, to consider whether they can pull the traffic in this area!


I asked, "why,


second is now a popular link business. Link transactions have gradually scale, and many individuals and even teams began to mass station, perhaps these stations flow is not high, and even did not deliberately go to SEO. But everything wins in quantity! Even if the ordinary webmaster develops link, one month still can develop two thousand or three thousand dollars!

my cousin wants to start a business and ask me what I can do to make money. I say, do everything to make money, the most important thing is what people do. I told him you wanted to start a business and make money. First of all, find an industry that interests you or knows more about it. Then, please pay for the most successful people in this industry. Be a teacher. Don’t skimp on your money. It’s a waste of money when you cross the river by feeling the stones, because there is still time cost. Pay him, let him teach you himself, or let him be your advisor.

all in all, before you do it, think clearly about what you do and what you rely on to make money. This is one of the most important parts of the website,

form in the Internet, personal webmaster website portal abuse is more and more low, when the difficulty is more and more high, a lot of companies, groups, or from growing up in the Internet Group companies have most of their profits away, so long as the station how to make some money!


," he said, "the teacher who found it asked too much, and at last he got angry and did it himself.". As a result, you can imagine……

, for example, making money online, many people always feel that their online learning can be, because there are sh419, you can always search yourself do not understand the problem. But the final result is that some have been cheated many times, some have changed careers completely, and never want to make money online and start a business.

steps on the shoulders of those who have already succeeded. This sentence is very simple, you want to succeed in an industry, you do not have to explore their own research, resulting in a lot of time wasted, it may not be successful. You just have to find someone who’s already been successful in this business, pay him, and let him teach you. This is the easiest way to achieve success, but also a shortcut.

unfortunately, a lot of people can’t figure it out. Why should I pay them? I can study slowly and succeed myself. It’s only a matter of time. Self confidence is good, confidence is not good, and wasting your time, your life. Life is too short to do things without efficiency.

finally, you can let go of your hands. This approach is more difficult than your own groping forward, the chances of success are much greater, and the success rate is much faster. A year later, my cousin cried to me and made a mess of himself.