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now AdSense through the Western Union rapid remittance, bypassing the controversial income tax issues; and, AdSense even pay gateway fees to help users pay the bill. shlf1314 deserves to be the boss of the online advertising industry. In dealing with this matter, the publisher is always concerned about the issue.


, first, does not need a website, especially by hand. Its operation process execution is no less than the general web site hair chain. If the effect is not obvious, it depends on one’s own executive power. 50 applications with 100 applications URL Taobao link effect is not the same. The main methods are as follows:


and then click Next:

if you are going to use Western Union for remittance, you must pay attention to the following details:

recently, the discussion of Taobao customers in both the real and the network is growing. So I got some information about Taobao in my spare time. Whether it’s true or false is, in general, a little helpful. As far as I know, there are two forms of Taobao at present:

After the

AdSense can be said to be the best content advertiser in the world. Relatively stable income. Compared with some domestic advertising unions, AdSense’s low threshold, as long as you have a web site, or blog, or web page, you can join AdSense. So for blogs and other personal websites, even if AdSense doesn’t help you get rich, it’s good to at least make you pay for blogging.

2, but also in their own space, campus network, student network, 51 space, Sina blog, NetEase blog and other blog platform released a large number of links, through a large number of friends reproduced the content to promote.

if you’re not a publisher of AdSense and want to show AdSense ads on your website right now, you can generate revenue from your site through shlf1314 AdSense  . If you are already a publisher of AdSense, you can set up the following remittance method:

during this time, shlf1314 AdSense decided to use RMB payment, the news almost spread throughout the network. This is a question that many AdSesen publishers care about. Because many before the payment details are not clear, especially through Western Union fee payment is not clear, dig it together today 17wata seen in the shlf1314 English blog, Western Union fee paid by shlf1314, users do not have to bear any costs! There is no doubt that this is a message for Chinese AdSesne publishers to celebrate!

1, you can link in happy network, Facebook, Sina, micro-blog, Tencent, micro-blog and some other social platforms.

changes, save the settings. At this time, you will receive letters from shlf1314 AdSense, confirming that the AdSense payment method has been modified.  

second is to build your own website on Taobao Amoy high quality products in the shop or above. The website system used by most Amoy taoke.dedecms management system. At present, there are two main forms of guest website is a form of API. This kind of website is with liwusoso/ gift search such website structure is general. Due to the surge in recent years the number of such sites, most sites are filled by collecting web content, store content Taobao is limited by many web content is collected from the same store or product, it caused a large number of similar web page. Spiders are very disgusted with it. The result is a lot of API class guest website was K. Moreover, such website optimization is more complex and laborious. There is also a form of the single page website amoy. This website is single-minded guest website. Promotion of products are a range of products, such as good herbal good eye cream website: Such a single page website is more convenient to optimize. Moreover, the product is more specific, ranking in sh419 is also relatively easy to go up. In fact, many words are understood through their own web site research. Studying a website is a hundred times better than looking at dozens of articles. I personally feel that the current or a single page guest website, then do station group, this effect will be better.

so far, most of the details of the Western Union have been made. Accepting AdSense revenues through Western Union not only saves AdSense publishers the fees they need to receive checks, but also greatly reduces the amount of money they receive. It is said that you can receive your AdSens> on the same day or second days by means of the Western Union

whether you have a website or a web site, a product or a store is the most important thing. Personal summary of products or shops should pay attention to the following points:

3, but also in various questions and answers platform to answer questions related products, get links. In all kinds of popular BBS, posted in soft Wen post to get links. The way it is similar to the general web site hair chain. But the demand for execution is high.

first goes to AdSense and modifies payment by way of "my account" -> Account Settings "->"; "payment details":