GG payment startup support follow the Western Union fast trackThe guest should not have Taobao marke

into the post office after I pointed to the operating window on the "Western Union" of small brands, said please find me under the specific procedures that they didn’t even know where, one finger of another staff asked him. I saw the younger, with eyes very knowledgeable, he said to me is very simple, just write your name and then fill in a password to send money, I said I was close to the money, he will face a bit, but soon calm down, we can this small city rarely do GG I was the first one. He said that as long as you take the ID card and others to set a good password you can, but not more than $2000, fill out a simple form, confirm the password, then you can pay cash to give you, not your own love dollars or rmb.

I said I thought it would be more complicated, he said. It’s easy, don’t worry, and smile at me.

2, your site has its own characteristics? The above mentioned website is often some of the early guest who after a period of time to verify the results, they have formed the brand reputation, in the network, if we just simply copy the novice hung on the Internet, to know how many new guest in the same thing, you can feel a share? Do Taobao customers to attract people. One is to make a feature, make others feel that you are out of the ordinary, we have no brand effect for us based novice, we can in the successful website that can make its own characteristics, is the replacement of product images you can add a new column, and do some relevant modifications. Such a little bit, you have Taobao customers accumulation.


3, in order to get commission, let users through your website to buy goods, but a silent nameless website, who will know you exist? Marketing promotion is the key to the success of the site. Indeed, the author is not aware of the promotion of the site, but the most basic point when you can meet the needs of users shopping >

now Taobao consumer product promotion has become a lot of webmasters profit model, Taobao guest is just hot, even don’t do station experience net friend, began to join Taobao customers. Indeed Jiqianyiwan online earning who doesn’t want to.. I also saw the Taobao customer development, excitedly joined the ranks of Taobao customers. In the past few months but puzzling over no income, I think most of the Tao are also sometimes puzzling over why no income or income are. The others have not only website blog, space can earn a few hundred – thousand in my understanding of the situation, it told me how to do??? Why do I use the same content site does not make money? Taobao customers avoid Yangaoshoudi, marketing is king.

I hope it’s going to be so smooth. I’ll continue to pay attention and write the situation for the first time in the king’s www.admin5. I’ll tell you all, please look forward to the arrival of the era of fast convergence!

1, now speaking, go to the station to do Taobao guest is not in, is a difficult, because now the site has not like the webmaster in the thinking of the web site of the originality, content, procedures. All this in a few mouse clicks, dozens of seconds to wait to save it. In fact, many novice also worry about which to use interface to blog, or by which website program, the Taobao off for several months, the site, the CMS program for a few, now think of it really silly, wasting your energy. In your thinking creative website Daquan, when shop shop navigation, single product introduction, when you are thinking of "not the content of the guest API, even a single Taobao search page can access thousands of weight, a weight loss of the personal blog can also subscribe to the amount of one thousand hundreds, you really think copy a simple paste is better than they?? Taobao customers to make a feature is to take a long time to verify, here is how much you think and do it. Now we can use the old guest website starting point combined with their ability to make site selection. The author’s website positioning, online collection, navigation. So, have you chosen it,

went to the post office yesterday afternoon and asked about the situation in the Western Union