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might not be happy to hear that. When a software for others, sincere consumer interests, what makes you say it is a rogue plug-in? This problem temporarily aside, this will make the following. Let’s sort out the "shopping assistant" function, and its function is to benefit consumers. This function is nothing wrong, really for the sake of consumers. This function is similar to the services offered by some rebate networks, but only similar. Why do you say that those rebate network, although to Taobao users to offer benefits, but their user traffic is their own promotion?. Rebate class site appears, no Taobao customers will anger. Others do their own station, to promote their own import flow, so that no profit and I have nothing to do with.

parasite’s accomplice — 360 browser

really do not need to say that there is no need for users, most of them are definitely not Taobao customers, because there is no harm to their immediate interests, so purely to see the nature of excitement. I will not argue with you in this article, there is no nutritional point of view, and you look down and see if the author’s analysis makes sense.

the first "a webmaster cry" to now, 360 shopping assistant incident is coming to an end. I generally browsed the comments of some A5 users. Many people think Taobao shouldn’t have an opinion about 360 and these shopping assistants, and they also tell each other why. First, say 360, because the plug-in is not 360 developed. Again, the shopping assistant plugin, because this software is really to bring benefits to consumers, and then many people agreed that Taobao’s anger and shouting is entirely unnecessary.

Some of the people in the The

shopping assistant is a hidden parasite,

      nearly 2 years, because of the development prospects of IDC positive, the major domestic IDC operators active in all kinds of network media, will own the company’s products have the best publicity, to attract more people to pay attention.

      among them, there are many IDC service providers of the original domain name host knowledge manuscripts, indeed for many enterprises and individuals to increase the purchase experience. However, it is precisely because of these original articles, reading, high collection, but was misappropriated by other people without reason, posted in other forums, BLOG. Some immoral or even the original copy, only changed the company name, directly contribute to some large IT website, in order to promote the profit; some of the articles will delete the contents of some hobby collectors, themselves, built their own articles column.
      this is a very disrespectful author of hard work. Although the original article of the IDC service providers in order to get the attention of others, but after all, it is time spent the work of others crystallization. Of course, we all want a good article by other readers appreciate, but also in turn is famous, from where is written by who, or keep the integrity of the content, permission to work by adding or deleting content. Otherwise, it would be immoral to take other people’s hard work as their own, and strongly condemn such behavior.

      also hope that some large IT sites do not because advertisers, but condone their misappropriation of other articles published on their website, so that they are not responsible for their own web site.

and "shopping assistant"? What is its mode of operation? Taobao customers spend energy and money, advertising displayed in front of the target audience, attract its click purchase. "Shopping assistant" is used to erase Taobao Jiehuaxianfo, guest PID, told clients: you should have to pay the full price of this product, because of the use of me, to get the rebate how much discount! This is what kind of behavior? Naked robbery, robbing the Taobao passenger ‘s labor, to in exchange for their own interests. don’t say it’s a free plug-in. There’s no such thing as a free lunch in the world, whether it’s direct, good, or indirect. Good for nothing. A fool will expend his energy.

now many people say, 360 browser and shopping assistant does not matter. 360, full support, go to promote that shopping assistant plugin? Travel to do so? It is nothing more than to get the favor of the user, to seize more browser market. The author believes that 360, when recommending a shopping assistant, must recognize the "shopping assistant" of the "parasite" nature, but also precisely the value of this plug-in has "can take Taobao passengers" labor results, >