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One of the obvious benefits of synchronization, compared to sharing and backup, is the ability to increase the frequency of

nut cloud internal measurement, ordinary personal users continue to expand 5-8 times, to attract more business users and pay individual users, that is, can get positive cash flow.

special correspondent Zhao Fengling, Shanghai,

since the use of nuts cloud, Li Jun alias no longer specifically for a document and ran a company. And five people of Li Jun’s marketing team no longer frequently transmitted between the latest marketing text, as long as there are people who update the document in the nuts cloud Team Edition, you can ensure that the team all the hands of the document is always up-to-date. Not only does this reduce the trouble of forwarding text messages per person, but it also ensures that everyone sends text messages out of the box, avoiding the distress of using the expired text incorrectly.

3 the integration of businesses and users of resources: this cooperation is familiar with the Ding Dong District and residential worry. A focus on client resource integration, a focus on merchant side of resource integration. As long as the intention to wait on the good side, there is bargaining power, and businessmen talk about property. Focus on the user’s key point of view, whether really can serve the user well, in fact, the user is the least good service; emphasis on business needs to use >

what are the current forms of cooperation in start-ups?

usage. In order to ensure that users can access their data whenever and wherever possible, and can be used on any platform and partner to synchronize files, supports almost all client cloud nuts including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android.

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in 2010, IBM research institute engaged in basic research of enterprise data center work of the Han bamboo realized that Internet giants mostly grappling in the individual market, while ignoring the opportunity for B. Inspired by Dropbox, in the second half of 2010, without any internet background, he decisively gave up the relatively stable job and embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.

future community, O2O competition, or a thousand regiments war. We have felt a sense of grassroots entrepreneurs in the local "ready", there are large property groups in the "crazy enclosure", there is a large capital support community, O2O operators in great strides to expand. Because the community O2O localization attribute is very strong, no one can integrate the national community.

has been on the line since last March, and the nut cloud has nearly 1 million registered users, with a daily active rate of 20%, and more than 400 corporate users and thousands of paid subscribers.

in Han bamboo seems, in cloudy storage products, there is emphasis on sharing function of SkyDrive, there are emphasis on the backup function of the icloud, while the nuts cloud emphasizes synchronization of cloud storage and multiplayer coordination function.

Han Zhu told reporters that few products support Linux systems, but nut cloud support, which is to take care of many of the IT professionals who insist on using the Linux open source system as much as they do.

1 cooperates with large property chain groups: these property companies have the ability to integrate services within the District, but lack the Internet genes, without the drive and sensitivity of Internet users. Therefore, the Internet entrepreneurs do a community APP, and these large property cooperation, coverage of the district is absolutely a film into pieces. This cake looks very attractive, and naturally there is no shortage of meat eaters. Here, stress the first element: fast! Catch in front of other counterparts to win these main positions! Second products are better, can withstand the toss. This is a hard, most of you copy me now, I copy you, no piercing eye that is a basic template of at most change colors, change a name. Third, the operation is really willing to work hard, so that people can see and feel. Most importantly, you must give people bring tangible effect to the property or to the user or, or to the merchant or, if it is absolutely not a crush one by one, either, it is really gone.

currently offers three products: Personal Edition regular version, paid version, team version, Enterprise Edition private cloud. Users simply download the nuts cloud software at their own terminals, set up accounts, put the files in the nuts cloud folder, or right-click

, Dropbox and Evernote

2 integration of small and medium-sized property management enterprises: small and medium-sized property generally because of its limited business coverage, revenue is not ideal, so they are most likely to break through the integration of objects. Cooperate with them in the initial stage is not difficult, difficult in addition to the above said as soon as possible to see results, and that this integration is a family to go to negotiate docking, pace is slow and difficult.

however, a fact that can not be ignored, as many other areas, cloud storage is the Internet giant’s cloud shrouded, nuts cloud can no venga

on July 21st evening, I received a call from a O2O practitioner in the Guangzhou community. Together we have discussed the many problems faced by community O2O in practice, and frankly, these issues are only the tip of the iceberg in many problems. Before I do the "O2O" community needs to consider a paper has summarized three points: 1 the community of the existence of multiple interests chain; 2 both education users and businesses; 3 the line if there is a disconnect. Of course, these three points are more extensive. Last night we discussed more details. Here we talk about the main content of the show, for the industry to discuss together, to promote the development of the industry.