85 months after the start of tea sales 300 thousand sell tea like selling iPhoneAs a newbie how shou

network marketing this one we are most keen on search engine marketing, search engine marketing have to mention SEO, but the novice to learn SEO basically believe in one sentence: content is king, the chain for the emperor. So most novices are basically doing extrapolation. Publish your own web ad unlimited to all corners of the internet. In particular, medical stations and friends should be aware of the extent of the extrapolation. However, this point has also encountered a bottleneck, because search engine algorithm adjustment, is cracking down on this aspect of spam. So although for extrapolation is a good job, but we can best efforts to improve their ability to learn more knowledge, after all, the extrapolation is not a permanent solution.

and many after 80, 90 entrepreneurs are different, Qin Hai rarely talk about concepts, talk about patterns, and even taboo talking about Internet thinking". As a new brand, how can you achieve 300 thousand of sales in a short time? "Customers are made by friends," Qin Hai said."

300 thousand sold?

three: artists, procedures and other work is also possible to try.


has such a 85 after the Internet public relations marketing field origin entrepreneurs, but it seems particularly "traditional."". He made every brand’s first product black Anhua hand built Fuzhuan Tea since August 28th trial, no concept, no model, but at the end of September sales of nearly 300 thousand yuan.

more and more friends want to enter the Internet industry, we see the Internet is full of gold, but to want to enter this industry friends, we choose what kind of way? The guardian found some friends could be your own website, webmaster from the start. There is no demand in this regard, we can study slowly. But their site, it may not be profitable for a long time, but also erase the morale of many webmasters. Some of my friends want to enter the company, we know that most of the company is not required as a novice, just enter the workplace or just into the Internet industry friends, everyone is how to work?

"because after too long time engaged in marketing, so now I do not love what is marketing, I’ll share your feelings, to drip, tea some understanding, is a word with many chat target customers." It is this position, he found the first batch of customers from micro-blog, but also sold the black tea on micro-blog more famous one


enters the new industry of the Internet. Most of the friends are just novices, and they don’t know anything

1: network editing is the choice of most people.

in fact, for any industry, in the recruitment of work experience required, we do not want new. After all, for the enterprise, proficient can better adapt to the work, can quickly bring benefits. And novices need training, many friends just use the company as a springboard, training, perhaps resigned. So, what can we do for a newbie on the Internet and a friend who wants to work in the Internet industry?

How is

before entering the field of tea, Qin Hai is actually a layman". In order not to blindly into the line, he starts from their own good micro-blog, June 2013 registered the first tea micro-blog account @ every tea farm because of the official micro-blog @ every tea, now renamed @ each time the tea Bo Xiao Bian, tentatively began selling tea.

he is the founder of time tea, Qin Hai, an initial entrepreneur of 85 years. 2007 graduated from Minzu University of China, has worked in Suning Appliance, LuxeHome network, public relations marketing and PR hitaste engaged in marketing work, also is the Jingdong of Suning electricity supplier war PR company mainly planning one of the participants. With the idea of "a little more life," in May 2013, he resigned from the post of vice president of public relations company with a salary of nearly 400 thousand last year, and plunged into the tea industry.

team currently only 3 people, but with more than a year of exploration, 3 people had arranged all aspects of product selection, quality control, design, operation, sales, customer service, delivery of services. At present, every hour has entered a stable day-to-day operation of the state, and actively expand the team, hoping to introduce 2 partners as soon as possible.

believes that most of our friends are on the internet. The first to do is network editing, for some of their own station owners, but also the need to practice writing ability. Of course, most of the friends use copy and paste to update the website. But in general, whether it is early copy, paste, or the middle of the pseudo original to the late of the original, network editing is indeed the vast majority of people’s choice, and network editing is also the best learning positions. In this regard, the guardian suggested that novice friends may consider applying for the network editor position. However, there is a problem with this position: do not train yourself into a machine, only know the pseudo original, only know plagiarism, but do not know how to think, do not know how to add their own elements.


two: extrapolation is an advanced way for beginners.

Qin Hai refers to the "friends" is through the social role of micro-blog, WeChat achieved. Through the interaction of micro-blog, WeChat, he used nearly a year’s time, when the first product in each hand built Fu brick tea has listed a total of 700 people have the purchase and use of the user. In this process, through numerous times of interaction, found this tea in customer use process concerns, and for targeted solution, but also cultivate a large number of old customers.

technology news October 14th noon news, Huang Taiji, Ma Jiajia, carved sirloin, West Man "Internet thinking" fried fire, so many of the original entrepreneurs words must talk about the Internet thinking and social economy, fans economy.