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I do my own station, seriously do stand, but the union does not give me advertising, everywhere for difficulties. In fact, I didn’t expect it to make much money. I just didn’t hang an ad. The site wasn’t white water yet. But, that’s it. I was struggling with nearly 2 more. Union garbage into the 2, they get free. sh419 does not pass, GG is not passed, the record does not pass… Depressed, dead. Others do pure garbage station, a lot to make money, I? Why is this? Some stations and even the station is garbage, not a word is transparent! Pain removed from your heart later learned that the original, must do the dumpster.

looks very beautiful, so the "perfect" rapid development, the main development of advertising alliance no longer messages such visible "perfect" business model, the 3721 launched a search alliance, then sh419 is also quick to follow up. 3721 >

, let’s first look at the development of advertising alliances: advertising alliances can actually be traced back to the early days of the internet. Because of the lack of resources in the early days of the Internet, a lot of personal homepages joined the ranks of advertising exchanges and gained free promotion through advertising. To apply for the account in the league’s website, and get the code, the system will automatically calculate the number of your display advertising, and advertising to help you with the same number or as a ratio display on other websites, then like tai chi chain textclick advertising exchange become text ad exchange, makes the advertising the exchange of the amount of the leap. There are also some groups offering paid advertising, but the alliance has been closed for some time, because it is hard for advertisers to have advertisers for a long time. Shanghai’s "good Jesus" is actually one of the first to make paid ads click alliance, and later developed into a service provider of advertising system.

you have been playing the happy net? Now I say how happy net to earn RMB. First apply to dozens of small, and then through the Internet to download the happy network plug-in, apply the trumpet in plug-in, and then every open hook money to help a small brush parking money and friends trading money, then to a certain amount, each small wealth to millions or tens of millions or even billions, you can sell your money through taobao or pat Network, or to buy the happy net Bujiadiwei or the Bugatti Veyron, Ben Chihao, Ferrari F430, Lamborghini China bus 62, Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Pagani and a number of comparison expensive cars, each car sales to dozens of yuan price, if small enough, every day can help you earn more than 100 yuan or more.

here we teach you a way: if you go to Taobao happy nets car, it is best to set the title is: Happy nets, XXX car, so people search a "happy net" can find you.

we recommend you to sell Taobao, because Taobao’s market share is relatively large, relatively easy to sell cars, but also has a small size, if you have a Taobao account can also go to the shop, but the sales situation is certainly not good for Taobao.

all along with the development of mobile phone short message service and the like a raging fire with a qualitative change, as far as I know is the earliest NetEase should provide SMS service alliance later, but to carry out a period of time because the mobile SMS SP rectify closed. Because the promotion of SMS to the Union and bring practical benefits, as long as the main union actual earnings out part to union members can make such a union model is the "good" operation, everything looks so perfect. Because it looks very beautiful, so more and more companies began to "play", Tom, Sina, Sohu began to develop his message alliance, Cai Xiu is the development of such a model to affiliate 1:1 into the model, it makes the development of MMS such mobile phone terminal business is also very limited "perfect" the.


advertising alliance looks so beautiful, so it is developing perfectly. When the "perfect" occurs in the absence of good faith in the Chinese Internet, it has begun to "perfect" the manufacture of garbage.