Case analysis effects of Links on site weight

believe that every webmaster have so few group is used to find the chain resources, the group every day there will be a lot of information exchange Links. The webmaster diligently release the exchange of a chain of information, and tried to select the right friends of the chain, this shows that Links in website optimization is very high. I run the site, Links effect is really let me dumbfounding, is the so-called "into also Xiao He Bai Ye Xiao He! Today I will influence my example talk about Links on the weights of the website, there are inadequacies please exhibitions.

however good times don’t last long after a month, after the departure, the website ushered in the black July! That a series of encounters, let website weight of ups and downs, my heart also followed an unsettled state of mind…. >

I run a business website revision upgrade in 2014 of January, the real optimization from the beginning of February, daily work is to write the article, the hair of the chain, I don’t know Links effect on site in Shanghai Longfeng at that time, "links" followed by those links can be said is out of order. In this note, I am now the company after the professional e-commerce, a lot of things are together side by side summary, because it is new to it, so that I do not understand the Links function is normal. At the end of April, I found the website began to increase in the snapshot time update is timely. In the process of learning to know the importance of Links, then set out to find suitable Links. When the website weight is 0, it is difficult to change to good quality Links. The platform met a webmaster friends in Hangzhou in a Links exchange, his website weight is 1, because I see the website development trend is good, so happy to exchange with me two links. We also exchange the experience of website of Shanghai Longfeng experience, is in fact more of him on my advice. He also told me some Links exchange QQ group, let me find the right chain in the group. In Hangzhou station with the help of friends, I also change to two Links. Wait until one day in mid May, I suddenly found my website weight up to 1! But then the weight is not very stable, Hangzhou webmaster friends give me advice is, continue to send articles, send the chain, to find a suitable chain. According to the method that I did, in June, the website weight basically stable at 1, many of the web site keywords also ranked in the top of Shanghai love home even first. This result for me the website of Shanghai Longfeng people left, is pretty good.

in site weight increased from 0 to 1 in this process, I personally think that Links is very important, because writing paper, work as in the past, the hair of the chain before and after diligent (Hangzhou stationmaster exchange I choose the weight of the high platform post, the hair of the chain, the so-called high quality the chain), because of the increased Links, website weight finally rose from 0 to 1 and stabilized.