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finally says the Taobao DEDECMS passenger version, DEDECMS launched Taobao off cooperation version at the end of last year, the show is a generic template I used Taobao custom template Mini Taobao, this you can download from the DEDECMS forum. In the DEDECMS Taobao collaboration version, >

I said, "the people you care about determine the world you see.". Your circle determines your future."

three, commodity

, he said, "I didn’t expect the Internet to grow to this level. My understanding of the Internet is just playing games and looking at the news.". Now the development of the electricity supplier, bidding, micro business beyond imagination, the original has been quietly repairer, wanted to walk the line on the road to the supplier. The two day of Huairou, Yong, Gan Gan, Yu Mu, Liang gave me a great shock, heinze."

, which specializes in publishing Taobao products, is doing better than The site regularly releases dozens of Taobao products each day. Most of the site is commodity information, there is no other advice. At the same time, the web site’s products are static pages, different Taobao API dynamic pages.

‘s website is mainly about fashion consulting, such as clothing collocation, beauty skin care and so on. In these articles, put together some Taobao shopping guide links. Some sites will also be placed on the head of the web site, such as Taobao, dynamic API, etc.. At present, I found that the more successful www.lajiao248 website is the website to open the site women commune, see first of all the articles and pictures are consulting, put some guide in some article content of goods in shops or link link. From the content of this website, most of the articles should be original, or at least pseudo original. At the same time, this website also provides member contribution function, it is estimated that there should be many Taobao sellers in this contribution. The website is bigger, the person that submit a book is natural also much, this contribution function is very difficult at the beginning of website development, produce large amount of rubbish advertisement at the same time, should be used carefully to the person that builds a website early. The key to doing this type of website is to ensure that the content of the site is original, and that if it’s only a large amount of collection, it’s hard to do it. And at the same time, a large amount of collection, will be punished by search engines. Even if you do not have the ability to do the original, every day reprint can also, but to ensure frequency and continuity.

, "I say," whether it’s the Internet or the real business, from 0 to 1 is the hardest. ". Have you found that the Internet is gradually traditional? In fact, many Internet users look down on traditional industries, that is because there is no contact, did not know. "This year’s trend is a combination of tradition and the Internet. You see, every day there’s a lot of offline gatherings in the Internet. What does that mean?"

, "he said," yes, I’m in the traditional industry in Huairou skiing this time."


, he said, "the shock is great.". Don’t look at the wood a fall didn’t talk about the matter, but the idea is very clear, know what to do now, what to do next. I know very well about myself and the company as a whole, and I almost got it, just looking at it, the pattern is too small. They used to supply stores and go home to play games and play MAH jong. So close friends, I can not escape, now exposed to another batch of circles, the vision of the open."

, he said: "I have a source of goods, I have my own chestnut, and I want to open another channel through the Internet, but I don’t know much about the Internet. How do I do it?"

since Ali mother quit Taobao promotion since, Taobao shopping guide website overwhelming, countless. In sh419 search "Taobao", in addition to the first page is Taobao, the other are Taobao shopping guide website. In general, Taobao guest website should be divided into the following categories: fashion class, Taobao shopping guide, shop navigation category, commodity category and so on. Each of these types of websites will be described below.

Shi Lei was very excited after attending the Huairou skiing last weekend.

like Taobao shopping guide website model similar to the site navigation station, the site collects a large number of shop navigation information. Well done, there are Taobao 28 street, Sunday Fashion Plaza and other websites. At the same time, there will be some shopping guide articles on these websites, but the amount of consultation is not very large. On Sunday, for example, www.xing7tian, the Fashion Plaza, releases new stores every day and collects and edits articles about shopping guides.

said: "I was not watching other people earn a lot of money by jealous? At home a few acres of land, planted a few chestnut trees, waiting for people to drive each year to collect the chestnut, your recent life is too easy. Invite some Daniel to Huairou to play, also is long your pattern."

, he said, ">

I said: "the Internet from online go to the next line is a rigid demand, but on the other hand, you have not found, often in a variety of Internet Conference, will be the traditional industry boss figure

two, shop navigation class

I said: "in fact, you are not, this time running back, you just help me, and not to participate, you just give you a certain feeling. Now a variety of Internet conferencing, there are traditional industry figure, said straight white point, but also want to open another sales channel through the network. Now the electricity supplier engaged in such a fire, motionless on the tens of billions of sales, double eleven, twelve, these."



, "as you say, ten times online, it’s better to meet once,"

one, fashion class