A preliminary study on micro blog search

and micro-blog have released information limited. So now micro-blog as a relationship based on strong friends greatly reduced the role, but as a polymerization or a reading, access to information channels or platforms (although this information is also mixed with a lot of garbage information, micro-blog) still has its existence value. After all, WeChat needs to focus on each individual, but micro-blog, instead of the big star, V attention to oneself, oneself also can see the stars of the dynamic V and speech. As for the various consulates, television enterprises, can not be a concern not related, but ordinary people are likely to want to know these institutions or the enterprise information released. So people will have a marketing promotion, micro-blog has its existence need, it can attract a lot of users, so micro-blog based marketing also has its value of existence.


to share with you today is micro-blog (Sina micro-blog) internal search principle, some people may think that micro-blog will die, here to talk about my own view, if micro-blog still not short time, you can skip the next paragraph.

is ranked first and your search results is the account, occupy this position is with your micro-blog account name search keywords to the same account. This method occupies a needless to say, due to the uniqueness of the account name, so as to timely put micro-blog account into the same line and keywords. But if not every word completely, then. Sina has the ability to search some vague, search for "Hengda" will be "Taobao account is Guangzhou Hengda Football Club", rather than "Hengda ice fountain (this is the enterprise certification and there are 4 million 400 thousand fans of the official blog). In addition, from here you can see that the account information has nothing to do with the keywords "disable taxi software. Soon there may be Sina shield, did not say first.

return to micro-blog search was first used to search for friends, and later joined the search function. Then later joined the search station content function (mainly from the news source collection, rather than in the entire Internet search). Can become a means to spread their micro-blog content to their search for micro-blog in the search results, there are also some powder.

now despite the strong impact of WeChat, now the user loss, but because WeChat current positioning in the social relationship between friends. While the public is still subject to various restrictions. As for WeChat’s public platform, based on the consideration of user experience, does not allow a large number of continuous release of information (in fact even television, the consulate also issued a lot of useless junk information, enterprises do not have to say).

is micro-blog’s search results are mainly divided into five parts. The account name, picture, popular micro-blog, micro-blog website, real time. How to occupy the five parts has become the key to micro-blog ranking. Today to disable taxi software that search keywords for example. Please see below:

is ranked second and the name of the account > search keywords