Data integration the ability of a Shanghai dragon must have er

is a large project need to all Shanghai dragon with, someone to carry on the data analysis, a person in charge of site maintenance program, people set up the chain. "

has 2. basic construction site

1. to master the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon

is now more and more people to join the Shanghai dragon industry, Shanghai dragon worker level is more and more uneven in quality. Many people in Shanghai Longfeng training a few days can say that he is a senior expert of Shanghai dragon, and these so-called "experts" to work only in a boring chain. As a Shanghai dragon worker, not only can rely on training. Through systematic training can certainly let you avoid detours in Shanghai Longfeng work on the road, but it is impossible for you to become professionals only by these. Of course, as a Commissioner of the chain, the absolute knowledge is enough.

so, as a professional Shanghai dragon Er, we must grasp those things? I compiled some information from the network, and their own opinions, to sum up:

3. has a certain ability of data analysis

5. has a certain ability of organizing and planning

we need to be able to understand some simple code, because we often need to modify the code of the. Is Shanghai dragon and website, if you cannot read the code, a lot of work cannot be carried out in the station optimization. HMTL and CSS are to master, ASP, PHP and Javascript will be able to understand them, can be easily modified.

site meta tags, site map, robots file, 404 pages, website structure etc.. This is the most basic, most easy to learn knowledge. The network can easily find the information, the majority of Shanghai Longfeng training institutions of the training content is the basis of knowledge.

as a professional Shanghai dragon Er, need to web logs, website structure, layout, effect, evaluation, monitoring, key competitors, the industry situation analysis. Unraveling from these complex data analysis, a site of the Shanghai dragon in favor of their own way.

station optimization in Shanghai Longfeng process is a very important part, and website content is the focus of the station optimization. Search engines love high quality original articles very much, want to make the site in the search engine rankings remain stable for a long time, you need to have a large number of high-quality original content in the website content plump up for a very big challenge for Shanghai dragon er. High quality original content for a garbage everywhere Internet website is becoming more and more important. The cultivation of writing skills is the ability for a long time Shanghai dragon must master.

4. has some good characters