Grassroots appeal let us deal with Shanghai Dragon

!See Ma Yun in the network meeting speech video

let’s comb, for a long time to do Shanghai Longfeng ideas. Give yourself a position to self.

last night, feeling very deep. We have been in love with Shanghai, er Shanghai, and now Shanghai dragon er who has turned more confused. Always hear the voice: as one falls, another rises included down, the chain less, ranking off, change algorithm…… To this end, we used to stop abuse, hate and love about Shanghai where. Ma Yun said it was difficult to change the world, we only change myself. I said, it is difficult to change the love of Shanghai, we only change myself.


in March 2010, I began to contact and understanding of Shanghai dragon. As a Shanghai dragon rookie, originally should not display slight skill before an expert, disgrace. But in this period of time. And the Shanghai dragon, he also keenly aware of to some of the things had never realized. The original recitation of the concept of memory: search engine Shanghai dragon optimization, search engine optimization, referred to as the Shanghai dragon. It is to follow the search engine search principle, structure of the web site and web site between the diplomatic strategy for a rational plan for the deployment, in order to improve the performance of the web site in the search of the search engine, such a process and increase the possibility of customers find and access site.

Shanghai dragon industry doorsill is very low, many Shanghai Longfeng theoretical knowledge may have been thoroughly cooked in the chest. But in fact, few of us can use technology Shanghai dragon well. We often claim to Shanghai dragon Er, we used for their own personal webmaster consistent with the name, and the dream of one day can become a site of ceo. But in this game of cat and mouse, who is a cat, who is the mouse, who have a clear mind. If we only to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, so we will always passive forever constantly on the run.

therefore, we need to correctly deal with the Shanghai dragon, rational use of Shanghai dragon. Our aim is to enhance the site visits, but does not use unscrupulous divisive tactics. I see our large number of Shanghai dragon is impetuous, often see some webmaster forum replies, let a person feel ridiculous. A lot of irrelevant replies, many replies are "thank you" and "learning" and so on, are we really thank you for sharing and learning in? Of course I this is not a criticism of our Shanghai dragon, I just through this way to reflect on their own

as the saying goes, people’s eyes are sharp, the visitor is the site of the yisifumu. But how to keep visitors, it is fundamental to the long-term survival of the site. If we have a website, did not improve the contents of the first visit to Shanghai dragon, even if there is, you can stay? We see that many people engaged in the building site to cheat keywords garbage flow. In fact, before I got engaged, but really consciousness, traffic is not RMB, we can just let that meet the vanity of flow, this is the only