For deep water those things of love behind the Shanghai auction

second: love Shanghai false hits, deliberately enhance click price

love Shanghai auction, suggests that offer more love, Shanghai gives a website ranking is before. But the experienced Shanghai dragon Er auction or personnel are clear, ranking will tend to suffer. Each industry has some competition, fierce competition site or enterprise, because of financial reasons and could not get in front of bidding in place, so they would try to get rid of party in the first place of the website. Specific operation method is very simple, is to use the IP software to continue to click on your site, funds continue to consume the bidding account, and finally found a few people come to your site really, that traffic to all competitors to help you create. For this love shady, although Shanghai has emphasized the importance and will improve, but until now, this situation will occur, therefore, ready to participate in bidding you must pay attention to.


third: the need to pay attention to whether reasonable phrase matching

love Shanghai auction, has three kinds: phrases, extensive and accurate. The vast majority of users will choose a phrase, this way to do the bidding. But it also has a very obvious drawbacks, such as we do the bidding of word is a "construction site", but "

love Shanghai auction, I believe every one of Shanghai dragon Er are not unfamiliar. Only a short while ago, our Shanghai dragon has been a strong enemy of love for Shanghai, but now many times by Shanghai love algorithms to combat the Shanghai dragon, by Shanghai dragon has been very difficult to make the website have more conversion. Therefore, more and more enterprise users choose to love Shanghai bid to promote their products and websites, but love Shanghai auction in deep water, which is hidden behind a lot of "shady", as one has to participate in the auction and ready to participate in the auction you should also take a look at those things behind the love Shanghai auction.

we all know, the keyword click price bidding is love Shanghai statistics from the index has made hits. According to the author for two years doing bidding experience, I can tell you that these so-called hits many parts are false. The author did an experiment, the other is the use of a traffic statistics and statistical comparison to love Shanghai, at the same time the number one click query keywords, click the statistics found that the number of traffic statistics from the Shanghai statistics on love lower than the number of low half! The writer does not believe, continue to experiment with other statistics so, the results of. Much of this can be explained, the click price is very likely to love Shanghai malicious false hits out. Therefore, not doing the bidding blindly believe the Shanghai index has click price, should be true hits with more ways to measure the word.


: the first malicious click your money no echo