Enhance the website weight several key points of the latest decryption


third: text number


on these points, I slowly find it, say a few words, I found love towards Shanghai "

I think now about 3% in the most appropriate, not stacked together, the best dispersion, above the appropriate on the anchor text, can, and completed 10%.

third: the site is updated regularly, to the original, each soft are carefully dealt with

I think this is very important, the text is best accounted for the entire station 60%, it is more suitable for optimization, you can try the website text, the density will be good, open speed will well, Shanghai spiders will grab a good love.

introduction of the following post details;

first: do not send junk links, must be original, or original, ha ha, is modified.

well, do internal optimization of these sites do, probably accounted for 70%, the rest is outside the site optimization, also called external links, including Links.

keyword density

optimization, the first is to hold on, but don’t jump to the diversification of links, in some places may send a link in other places than your hair dozens are easy to use, such as A5, Tianya, the owners of the house, out of date, the most important Shanghai love their products, love Shanghai, love. The Shanghai catechism and love Shanghai Post Bar, I often use their own products to create a miracle of love Shanghai, very easy, if you do not connect in these places, 1 each month absolutely can enter the top two pages, of course you would love Shanghai snapshots and spider activity, but in general there is no problem, I tried to take 2 weeks rental sites do love Shanghai home, or 4 words, 1 weeks to web site to do on the home page, it is actually very simple.

second: every post time is the best night or afternoon, because second days update

: the first is the title of the website, must be in three places to put keywords, title, description, keywords, the three places to complete the optimization of 50%, these places must be put on the keywords, and must be accurate, do not write, sentence can.

fourth: the structure of the website, this is also very important, in the home must be done on the frequently updated columns, to attract spiders, do the best in connection to the words, there are links to the home page structure, not too deep, as is not static, I think no matter.


optimization for several years, has been optimized for love in Shanghai, found that Shanghai’s vulnerability is really a lot of love, love to do and I think Shanghai’s ranking is very simple, then a few points, I want to decrypt. First of all: the interior of the website optimization, which I found more and more important.

fourth: learn to analyze, why other people outside the chain, ranking will be good