Google of all natural search results for SSL encryption

noble baby why of all the natural search results are to be encrypted, the reason may be two points: one is that some time ago by leaving the raise a Babel of criticism of prism monitoring project, Google will protect the privacy of citizens as the reason, to all the natural search results are given SSL encryption; two is to improve Google’s advertising sales, because the SSL encryption only for natural search results, and for advertisers, can still see the truth in the key words in Google’s advertising system.

As for the

(not provided) with the keywords for the proportion rose rapidly after the way we get the keyword is very limited, although can view search keywords in the query from the administrator tools, but the data is not complete, and the webmaster tools search query keywords data also can see the last 90 days of data. Although Google can see that last year’s data, but what it can see is unknown.

in recent months, Google quietly to all the natural search results lead to GA encryption, key words of our nobility baby natural flow in the /organic (not provided) the proportion of the rapid rise, the author learned data, some keywords station (not provided) for even the proportion has reached 85%.

from the beginning of this month, Google whether you login Google account, then quietly to all the natural search results is encrypted, resulting in words (not provided) has been a rapid increase in the proportion of. At this rate, (not provided) keywords data is likely to reach 100%, then we cannot see the true key data.

in fact, from the beginning of October 2011, Google claims for privacy protection of user search, the use of noble baby search, Google account login users, SSL data encryption to protect the privacy of users search. Since then, GA began to appear in our data keywords (not provided), but fortunately is not accounted for most of the search keywords, we still can see.