An analytical method for fast recovery site was collected after K


first website is to find out the reasons in time after K. This is the key point for the site to be K after it is not directly increase the quality of the chain so simple, the first step is to find the site is the cause of the K, this is the fast solution method to find a ready-made panacea. The author through the K event summary, the site was K a few major reasons: the space often isn’t open, this is caused by the site was the most important reason K. The website appears invalid links, which causes the invalid links mostly because the website caused, this needs the webmaster to deal with. Increase the speed up third site outside the chain is not stable, as everyone knows the site outside the chain is very important to the site influence. Fourth Links have a poor record, due to Links. K away is the case, the author also encountered. The site was linked to horse, needless to say, once the horse is not timely treatment will be K off. All in all, after the site was K off, carefully patiently looking for the cause of recovery was found to cause rapid K.


from K to

I did stand a dozen large and small are of course, everyone will be K then returned, but this time with the recovery of seven days is very fast, so for the site was K how fast recovery? Today I to share their experience, is still to be K the webmaster to restore some advice.

renderings of recovery

site is K has been met the webmaster most afraid because the site once K so all the rankings included weight will become zero, and some web site is K off after the resumption of special difficulties, many webmaster will restore the site is defined as the K within three months of recovery is the fastest in fact, this is a kind of negative psychological, in my opinion, the website is K and what is not a big deal, relatively speaking, the web site is K off to restore can let you learn a lot of knowledge. Most of the websites and I do have experienced by the K stage, and I believe that a successful webmaster must go through the site was K to restore the stage to really grow up. Well, after the site was K off, owners should be how to restore quickly? Today to explain the method of fast recovery is K off the site.

website is to maintain the peace of mind after K. When the owners suffered a website by K after most difficult to maintain a peaceful heart, I was no exception, experienced for the first time after the site was K on site optimization lost confidence, are in the state of negative day. Where the change is in the A5 to see a master of the article to share experience, attitude affects the success or failure of the station to do, but in the mind the importance of copious and fluent writing, also at this time the attitude affect the success or failure is a glimmer of feelings, in fact I also experienced the website the night before go back to before liberation "