Case analysis of website ranking the first chapter

this site was able to get more than 10000 Domain value of the site to play, because the site is actually a twenty site chain in one, from the picture can be.


First we


from the picture data, this website Domain number is only 261, the love of Shanghai is the next day, the snapshot included the number reached 737, what surprises me most is the site of the PR value was 3, and then look at the domain name age, the creation time is 11 months time, let the I am surprised that the website Links, only out of the chain, almost no link back, what the site’s ranking is how to get

in Shanghai love search engine search "body odor products", will find the love of Shanghai occupy the first four position for position, and the fourth began truly after the search rankings.




mainly analyzes the real search first website ranking, can be seen from the figure, the four search results, with a love of Shanghai know, then you can determine the initial this "body odor" keyword competition is not very intense, at the same time from the three title and description of the website. All has been Shanghai Dragon technology optimization, which also includes a two level domain name, then the site to carry out data analysis.


this "case analysis" of the website ranking the first chapter is mainly to analysis and together in love Shanghai search results first website, by way of example let everyone analysis ideas more clearly, now most of Shanghai Longfeng indoctrination training in teaching theory knowledge to the subconscious is the content for the emperor, the chain is the king of Shanghai, a lot of Longfeng instructors are advised that the website should publish original content, can have a few websites can stick to update daily original content and external links? So, instructors are the recommendations made high quality link, high quality link how can so easily get it? Whether the "garbage content" and "external links low quality" website can get good rankings? Let the data below to tell you.

click on the first website in that it is a Taobao customer website, see this kind of website first, my mind will emerge out of the contents of this website, the quality is certainly very poor, was not wrong, all is the collection, and many are not coherently, can determine the site for the collection "site", why this collection of web to be able to "body odor products" the key words in the first row of

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