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is generally a good quality of key account Samsung to reach more than seventy percent, many people say this difficult skill is very simple, in fact, some of the accounts I had been working in the quality of Samsung keywords is above eighty percent, and I have also helped some free enterprises to enhance the quality of, reached this standard, so the key words can optimize the quality degree is not up, everybody says so difficult. What skills? The first complete account of the structure is the most important, affects the quality of the key words of the star. For example, the establishment of unit etc.. Secondly, the quality of creative writing words star upgrade



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quality of how important? How can we improve? This is recently a lot of friends and do the bidding companies ask me the most problems, although I had to check the answer when they made free, I still feel the need to write an article on this article, in order to do more bidding so as to solve the problem of friends see.

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because when no quality of this concept, want to do the bidding ranking up is very simple, just can offer high ranked first in second or third and so on. But I love Shanghai considering the high bid site in the front row is not necessarily a good user experience, not necessarily can give users the best products or information may be spam and bad information, such damage to the users and other bidding companies. In terms of money, money has been out of the first row of enterprises can be expensive, no money business ranked only behind, so unfair, so love Shanghai later introduced the concept of quality, not high prices can be in the front row, also need to see your keywords quality level, if it is too low and even if a high price can not row left, so the competition is more scientific and reasonable. Keywords and then divided into three star, Samsung the best, I will not say, everybody knows.

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just above that section also said that the quality of the main is to prevent vicious competition, the first row of high prices. 21 the most important thing is to let the enterprise price can row left front position. Cha Hongjiang, I personally tested, with a keyword two inside the account, a quality of a Samsung two stars, star is much higher than the Samsung bid bid basically only rarely row row on the right side on the left, while Samsung quality keyword prices slightly lower, it is easy to row in the left before. Not only easy to push the left and offering lower cost savings. So the quality of how important I don’t have to repeat the words. Tips: the bidding researcher Cha Hongjiang original, please indicate the transfer station, the problem can add my QQ377813833 free for everyone to answer, thank you.