Novice webmaster how to do link bait

webmaster can determine the needs of the population according to your site’s theme, can be written to the title of the article according to the needs of the target population, the same title would not be someone willing to click to see, must be able to attract people’s attention, let the user see a stimulus click desire, this title is the success of the.

link bait so Baidu and more in website channel, another is for the owners to demand chain construction, the general linkbait are more objective, whether to let Baidu attention, or to increase the flow rate, are required to identify the target station.

to help others

is always willing to help countries advocate, in fact, willing to help others is to attract the attention of others, such as we in the webmaster online submission, after another site to reprint, we will know that there is such a platform, the webmaster will naturally pay close attention to it, it will not only help others, is actually give yourself more help, increase their outside chain.

About linkbait

link bait, webmaster heard linkbait how to do? What is the role of the link bait? For the novice webmaster should understand, do attractive link bait to lure to Baidu, ADO, entered, carton factory in Beijing for webmaster friends recommend five.

third, contribution platform

lit title

fourth, up

In addition to the

summary, different people think certainly not the same, the Webmaster Station, summarize, according to their own experience after the analysis will draw some conclusions, and the author discusses, hope that the webmaster and I can exchange a lot.


the carton factory in Beijing 贵族宝贝jiyibaozhuang贵族宝贝 original share, please keep this link, thank you.

Internet is very powerful, one thing can be instantly spread on both sides of the Changjiang River countries for speculation events, now already stopped, owners can use some already copied hot events according to the content of the website speculation, if can add links or add some recommended reading, this article has need a certain appeal, to arouse people’s attention.

want to do link bait, the first condition is to have a good platform, if the platform is not good to do so out of the link is to increase the burden on the Internet, for yourself and others might not have any help, is the so-called useless, now some big portals have opened the submission area, such as webmaster nets etc. only, webmaster have certain ideas can contribute, then can get other websites reproduced, this link bait is very valuable.


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