Analysis of small web site for high quality Links secret

everyone is in such communication with QQ, so we need to pay attention to when using the QQ nickname, don’t play that very exclusive nickname, although some people may Links default index, but does not mean not to be both personal feeling left and right, a revolting the nickname, let people are not willing to add you, how do you go on.

three, weaknesses, declare their advantages of

, get rid of the non mainstream, with the formal nickname

in Links, many people will use a tool, which is QQ, although there are many online e-mail and telephone calls, but we have been accustomed to using QQ to communicate. Compared with the mail, QQ mail more than instant supplement each other, to eliminate doubts; compared with the phone, QQ chat to detail the website and data expression to each other.

two, signature and verification message on threshold


on the Links article I believe we have seen a lot, so here I still want to talk about Links, because I found a lot of articles we are more Links choice, that is how to choose a good link. But for the exchange of skills very few people talk about here, I combined with my own Links exchange experience, share with you.

in the process of communication with the webmaster, is also the start of negotiations, you need to keep your own aura, express a mutually beneficial. In the above data as much as possible to convince each other, many webmaster want to see PR, but your PR is very awkward, so how to do? How the weight of their love in Shanghai? If you can focus on the expression of love in Shanghai to collect their own weight, weight of the reference standard? Many, if where prominent in this at the same time a breakthrough, to express their station development potential, such as team operation, non personal station, express their own strength, hope.

mentioned above the contact is the main way to contact QQ, under normal circumstances, many people received the add friends that is sure to see your message and verify the data of QQ, an awesome signature tend to give their first impression of good, such as some people celebrate my signature is: stand in the local site in the selection of users get the most popular award. This is a very simple thing, but it is passed such a message: this station is a potential. A good webmaster not only consider some fixed index, will be the future of the station’s consideration, you may present a site index is not up to the standard, such as the PR value, but will consider whether the webmaster Links. But a simple sentence is likely to be as the reference standard.

refers to an important link in our website optimization is always Links exchange. Links is important because it is the source of a web site outside the chain of high quality, reasonable use of appropriate to enhance friendly website to the search engine, increase the weight of the website.