Each Shanghai dragon has a friend called loneliness

Study hard every dayWhy Two, learn to find

Shanghai dragon must learn to get along with

, do not give up the execution of

sometimes may be repeated work, the same work will make us tired. So we need to learn more and get lonely, how to do what we should do

each have a friend called loneliness, we often take loneliness as a rival, which is often accompanied by lonely every Shanghai dragon spent in the most difficult time, loneliness is when we optimize the site it will not bother you, stay in your side. Loneliness is when we meet some problems will not give you the chaos that direction, loneliness is when we will make the website optimization effect, can give an independent environment to vent pent up tired.



website optimization Shanghai dragon is the most important executive power, the most afraid of losing goals and plans, take Chengdu Shanghai Jun Long Fengchuan, 1 months to keep updated every day, or even 4 pieces a day, some of my friends told me to update too much, no way to the site more good included, in order to better snapshot and I decided that lazy every day to update, update the trouble and not doing well, but still insist, just do it, improve your execution, it is to improve the work efficiency, for the website update is not very understanding can go to see my article "how to do the 5 Secrets of website content updates".

Shanghai dragon ? and lonelyWe do

Mou Changqing was born to website promotion? Lu Songsong blog is born? Moonlight blog is already able to predict the future? Don’t give yourself such an excuse, because it is very boring, looking for an excuse you can not go, just admit where, also can progress faster in optimization in the lonely, many people often in a daze, do not know what to do, then it is lost, we all know that this process is very difficult, if get past what is the scenery? So we are not looking for a breakthrough in the process, three former said, are not born talents, their ability are not born, they look at the blog you will find that these are the successful experience of the people who work in the process of excavation and bit by bit, the clever use of some means to do In addition to Chuan Jun, the "depth analysis of love Shanghai included causes sudden decrease and solutions", if not careful will have this important information, the result is obvious, if we look back, will find that success is not what secret, is constantly found to accumulate.

said Study hard every day? What is the relationship between this and loneliness, we see in the martial arts novel, often have a word called "closed", the reason is very simple, the retreat is how boring and boring, but after the retreat will make a substantial increase in people of their own strength, the.