To solve the love Shanghai included cannot be found by keyword articles six key


so, according to this kind of smooth, selected to the title of the post, it is best to choose the keywords you want to be with Shanghai to find the appropriate love.

first, search keywords, love Shanghai general appears smooth: "containing the keyword Gao Quanzhong’s website (including the forum), the secondary page containing keywords header (the general web browsing popularity more, and high weight, in the four major portals and other authoritative website — article) the title contains keywords, but not in the title of the head — the title of the article without words, but the first passage of the keyword is the beginning."


for the content of the article in the number of problems, this is the topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar of Shanghai dragon. Many people think that 2%-3% is a suitable density range. Although the mechanism for keyword density love Shanghai, this algorithm has a relatively outdated argument. So why do love Shanghai is relatively simple, just to be able to avoid some websites in order to pass the keywords to improve website traffic, a website ranking and take measures to enhance the. However, due to a lot of Shanghai Longfeng experts for this mechanism are familiar with, let love began to give up the practice of Shanghai. Therefore, as long as the key words can be stacked, generally included are no problem.

[] Introduction: find the page by keywords, one can give site bring direct traffic, two love Shanghai antecedents (IP from love in Shanghai) on the site of Shanghai love the weight of ascension has played a certain role. Therefore, it is every webmaster are eager to get.

[key]: a title keyword set position is the best place for the best

for the key position, whether it is also a key? Some people think that the key positions should be arranged in the first paragraph and paragraph end position. But this idea is wrong, because it is not a Chinese teacher in Shanghai love spiders, only for special section of the article, but the whole.

first, a web page to a certain content, make the love of Shanghai included. Of course, to advocate the "user experience" the love of Shanghai, the content of the article is to attract people is very important. But in order to do the keywords to search to set the position of the key words is more important.

, however, more often, love Shanghai included included the article (web page), but only by keywords on page fifth, page sixth or more behind the place, even some articles cannot find through this keyword. This is a headache for many webmaster. Here, let me take you into the solution of "interpretation can not find the article" five key by key words.

[two]: the key content of the number of keywords is not the key, the position is not the primary problem