The site title relates to the positioning of the website

has a lot of new website owners for the positioning of the site is often not enough attention, are generally to locate. This approach can indeed allows owners to quickly build websites, but with the establishment of the website that had determined the direction of the original is a big direction, the direction of which there are many small, this new Adsense tend to be at a loss what to do, do not know where to go in one direction. Simply choose it, but in the end you will find yourself with the thought is completely different, at that time will be a point of no return, after all, at that time, the website ranking, what has been done, in order to change, the price is quite high. How to locate the correct site title? The following might be able to help you

2 keywords, do before three

2), analysis of the target keywords, some owners to pay more attention to words heat is very strong, but often this keyword webmaster is a relatively low accuracy of the word, and this word, that the wishes of the customer is still relatively vague, and these words have been monopolized by large companies of human financial resources are relatively strong, thus causing the word to do a good place to spend a long time and manpower cost, even if it is done is more difficult to achieve our desired results. So choose keywords, avoid words heat strong.

web site if the rankings do natural row >

1), the analysis of user needs, based on the analysis of the behavior of user needs, psychological needs and other aspects, we can clearly understand that the user search keywords into our website can roughly determine the user may have become our customers. If there may be a customer, then entered the second step, the site can not meet the needs of customers, so as to avoid the loss of the content and the target keywords website does not conform the user can not find what they need.

1, in determining the target keywords and look at our goal is not to meet

3), if you do the bidding was detected in the new line before, can put through love Shanghai bidding, detection of keywords, keywords that can determine the selected quality.


then we should be how to determine the target keywords and our goal is consistent, at least as much as possible close to our target

? How can

since the beginning of time we set the target keywords is often relatively broad, so there are some gaps and had set a target of small gap at the beginning of the great differences will lead to later, it also resulted in the direction of the site and determine the target deviates from the original. The consequences of this is likely to have to do after the keywords to find the row doesn’t click, as there is no effect. This also led to naught, starting point.