The original really significant to subvert your views on the original

is the original mention many of our webmaster very tangled topic every day, where there are so many original ah, but we still flock to the original, because everyone thinks that love Shanghai love the original, as long as the original content of the love of Shanghai will be given higher weights, is it true? The original really so important what is important? I would say that we do not believe that, let’s take a look at Shanghai’s official love is how to say, please see below:

at the earliest in the wide network starting, is about Guangzhou, a tanker rollover explosion ignited shed and wood field under the bridge, a large number of cars were burned, the tanker accident has caused 20 deaths. Ifeng贵族宝贝, sina贵族宝贝.cn, Tencent贵族宝贝 and other major domestic network media have reproduced, why the network media have not been in love with the sea K? It is because these web portals have a huge audience, many Internet users to browse, reprint and comment, also provides additional value for this article. And this article has a certain authority in the public media, so the value is relatively high. So if we take this article for a place to release it, what the result will be



From the above picture The above


this is the love of the Shanghai official in 2012 May in Shanghai Webmaster Platform love announcement, we can learn from the above requirements of love Shanghai original content must be true and reliable, or on the Internet to collect and collate relevant information. But there is a premise that is valuable, it is really very important value.

we have always admired the original, but we think that if we do every day the original can really provide value to users? Especially some enterprise station, updated daily news, for these into your website to purchase products for the user does not have any effect, it is not use value. So we have to consider our users, you must show the website is valuable to users, so give your love in Shanghai is very high in the evaluation of natural. So is the key to our research for user needs, an article the same hair is not the same as on your website and in the public media can provide value in order to prove this problem, please see below:


can see that this is a company with a production car manufacturers, we think: the user will come to the station to see the enterprise Guangzhou tanker accident news? Even if the user accidentally saw, users believe that? The user wants to see this kind of news is going to natural authority the media to see, he innocently in the right put some what car, car, Futian car what out of order links, users will click? You a business station to do your business car product line.