The Jingdong store product list page user experience and marketing four

home page and the home page classification, can show their products is limited, and the degree of importance of these pages and traffic is undoubtedly, played by the show to the user are some of the Jingdong itself has the price advantage of the products, but here, no one would dare to ensure that all their products are better than others low price competition, electronic commerce is an extremely tragic, and the depth of cooperation of every business and major sites are different, so will cause different sites have a certain price advantage for different products, in order to facilitate the management, make each product to have the chance to clinch a deal, here is not natural then the Jingdong to describe the price.

in the Jingdong mall "on the product list page user experience and marketing (three)" we said the ranking selection piece, continue to look at the following today.

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for the convenience of users, there is a next time pay attention to perform the same operation options, arguably, this option can actually direct default next time the same operation, also some websites similar functions are set up, but the Jingdong said perhaps to humanity and independence.

if we click on it, there will be this tips, there are three projects for users to choose, price promotions notice, product reviews, commodity sun, default only checked the price promotion notice, generally speaking, users pay attention to the goods, are most concerned about the issue of price changes, product reviews and sun single us after all can see it now, the majority of users when purchasing products is to look at the user evaluation at present, few people have tracked a product review (stuffed with nothing to do, but less to less), or some, so here to set up a multiple choice for users you want to focus on the content selection.


has * evaluation, here used a user evaluation, we can look at the electronic commerce website all products, as long as there is a place, always without user evaluation, its role is self-evident, he blew again God, advertising how much, I am afraid there is no other users a simple play. The role of.

what is a look at the list of products of ordinary display, picture + title + price + purchase link. The product picture and the title here is not to mention, each electronic commerce website product list page to format the price and other e-commerce sites than it seems like nothing special, but we combined with its parent page, above almost all pages have a "Jingdong" price in the price front. But there is no sign of my understanding is this.

inventory is not to say, there is no goods in stock, the stock of goods is black + delete line. Here for the convenience of users, the default is to display only the goods, so here is the spot.