The inventory of the Shanghai dragon black hat methods that have become fashionable for a time



spam pseudo original

some places have lakes, Shanghai Longfeng where there is a black hat. The black hat method is to use the search engine algorithm to improve the ranking procedure or vulnerability method, because the method itself is subject to rejection of the search engine, it is to see the light of death characteristics. Since the concept of Shanghai dragon appeared, the emergence of a large number of black hat methods, some of the black hat method has been open even now, but had little effect, even cause negative effects. Although the grey black hat belongs to Shanghai dragon, but there is a reasonable, standing in different positions will determine the evaluation of different black hat, but this does not prevent us to find those black hat methods people, now, let us take stock of those who had swept the Shanghai dragon black hat method at


as scheduled for a "junk" in front of the pseudo original? Because the normal artificial article content editing to improve or increase the personal point of view is the search engine support, Shanghai dragon belongs to the regular way. Garbage pseudo original refers to the reordering, substitution, random effects with the keyword content reading pseudo original way. Why pseudo original? Because compared to the pseudo original, pseudo original is more like search engine. But with the development of the search engine recognition algorithm, some affect the readability.

Why would

site outside the chain has been one of the important basis for judging the importance of web search engine, PageRank is once noble baby for the chain to form a special evaluation of PageRank algorithm. However, when the search engine chain analysis is not perfect, as long as it is a chain of a vote on the target page, so they created a number of sites, then each other outside the chain, the formation of mutual effect of the vote, so that "have better evaluation in the search engine, the final rankings. Once the L-carnitine station group is done a crazy situation, the search results page is a few stations ".

even now, keyword stuffing this optimization method is still there, just a pile of more "norms" (such as the National Title: how to kill the strongest assault AK47 AK47 access, and the Raiders) "standard" packing mode will still have some effect.

in the early stage of the development of search engine, analysis of technology "is not perfect, can not accurately identify the content, this is just a preliminary through keyword appears position, frequency and other data to determine the importance of web pages in a keyword under. Then, the black hat method of keyword stuffing came into being, a pile of words in the title, meta keywords, meta description, and a series of text content can stack keywords place, then the page will be piled up in a good ranking keywords. It was a dark period of search engine, the ranking can easily be optimized control personnel.