With the video site to do the chain just three steps

and collect the required video material

two, modify title Add URL and site name

the first step is to increase the chain to collect all kinds of materials needed by the video site. How to collect material, the author suggests looking for different video sites, for example, you want to do the chain through Youku, then find the material place is certainly not cool, but other video sites, such as potatoes, cool, popcorn etc.. Looking for material, can Youku search there is no video, after all, the first upload through the audit rate is relatively high. The use of other video website the chain is the same operation method, the author here again, don’t you want to do in the chain of video sites to find material, so it is easy to be titles. Cause you know, no repetitive content of a web site stand.

and the loss in order to ensure that the title URL is deleted, we can also add the video information and Keywords tag to repeat the URL and site name, this can ensure video title in the URL to be deleted and the loss of the chain. If you leave the site in the title, and the site appears again in the video information, so they can be more easy for users to enhance memory. Do not underestimate the video information description, according to the survey, the majority of users when watching the video, the video information is love. So, what is the use of video information, to see how you use it. If you still do not understand, on the news, the more attention that, as long as the heart, can make the chain.

three, the use of video information description

The chain of

we all know that the video site itself the traffic is very large, and its weight is very high, compared with the well-known domestic video website Youku, potatoes, cool, Sina and several podcasts. The high flow high weight of the platform can be used to do the chain? The answer is certainly possible. Through the chain of video sites do not only can guarantee the quality, but also can improve the site visibility and exposure. Now how to share video sites through the chain.

this is the focus of the video website to do outside the chain, the most important step is the title, after all, the video site is not a hyperlink cannot jump like, are plain text, but also to maximize the exposure rate, non title is natural. How to modify title? Of course you can also add your own website name in the title, which is more conducive to watch this video of the user to remember your site. But now the video site for the title appears on the site will be removed, leaving the first half of the chain, so that it will make to the chain effect, so this time, we can use the one and only the site name, site name left through, can also play a role in improving the popularity of the website. And it is not so easy as being sent by all the advertising video is blocked. So, the title is the ability to make the most important step of the chain.