WordPress personal feeling more easily than phpcms Shanghai Dragon

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is here from their own experience to sum up the difference between two kinds of station program.

2, Phpcms now also focus on the Shanghai dragon. Each column, each article can customize the title, keywords, description. While WordPress does not insert it, there is no such function. At present, many say, Shanghai Dragon Master keyword description for more and more little Shanghai dragon. This estimation can be verified, because my WordPress website is not included, but these rankings are better than the phpcms website. It is strange.

and WordPress tend to blog, just need to write a few articles can well fill the home page. This makes phpcms more time to the station. The average day update 1.5 articles, now fill the home 2/3. This may not full page don’t love Shanghai spiders love

? This article by Taobao

1, Phpcms portal, tend to information website, home page frame structure is more complex, with many columns, the need to fill a good website.

phpcms program recently built a new station, and the site structure, URL writing also according to the Shanghai dragon to set the orthodox method. But a month, fell in love with the sea was released 3 pages. Before using WordPress to build a blog, not 3 weeks, love Shanghai collected dozens of articles. Phpcms feel suck! Now to slow ~~

3, Phpcms built-in function is very powerful, more powerful than wordpress. A personal website optimization phpcms feeling a bit powerless. It seems that if personal website, or WordPress preferred. In addition, WordPress has a lot of foreign beautiful templates can be free to use, really like foreign art design.