Remember those things that we do for the chain


but now Shanghai dragon circles everywhere link information, people also slowly become lazy, we came away from the original pain outside the chain of life. But we the webmaster is coming from outside the chain of painful day, still experience and methods in the hair of the chain of days we summed up, remember that we are how to send the chain? Do we remember the platform outside the chain? Today will take you to the stars. Recall those things when we send the chain.

we wrote.The benefits of soft

at that time as long as the inquiry platform outside the chain are our times, like love, love Shanghai Shanghai know Wikipedia, Wikipedia, Sina, Soso Ask the blog, question and answer. Love Shanghai know is a chain I love at the time of the platform, because the success of the release of a chain, not only the quality of the chain is very high, but also will be reproduced on other websites, the number of the chain to get quite objective. But because of the excessive "love" we know of these stationmaster love Shanghai, love Shanghai now basically know this platform to do outside the chain, basically has been difficult to keep up.

remember when we struggle together the forum

need not I said sure everyone is very clear, very high first soft price, then compared with other forms of promotion, better acceptance, can be widely.


remember that what we do for the chain

of many webmaster friends are not unfamiliar, we use the forum post, signature crazy top posts to increase the chain site, including A5, why, Shanghai dragon behind, a push, and so are our webmaster forum webmaster often go to the forum, the forum first because the weight is very high, but also included soon, the chain effect is very obvious, but just registered A5 to charge $10 to post, at that time really let me heartache for a long time, but now I feel that 10 fast money is really value ah.

still remember those soft what

has been circulating "content is king, the chain for the emperor" in the Shanghai dragon circles, from the chain for the emperor we can see that the chain for the importance of Shanghai dragon. The chain is a mechanism for ranking algorithm of search engine, but when the owners found the chain for the website ranking effect, and so began the chain of life. Carefully recall before when we were together outside the chain, a strange feeling in my heart, I remember the first thing just entering the Shanghai dragon of this industry is the hair of the chain, every day in order to increase a few effective outside the chain to the site, often hard left. In various forums, but also often worry about the administrator delete.

remember we together with the quiz platform chain