The development of hospital website Shanghai dragon will decide on what path to follow

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love Shanghai today in the China strong position is needless to say, when the soso Sogou bored young weakness, 360 on the head and foot, outside the GG anxious when he started their own cliques, but also engage in what platform strategy. The majority of small and medium-sized webmaster, hold high the banner of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, every day doing the pit cheat customers love Shanghai activities, to get good rankings from the love of Shanghai, nothing, as long as you can think of using all means. Look at the blog forum classification information quiz website, the original site type was full of youthful spirit, everywhere advertising in Shanghai Longfeng ER efforts, the chain a lot. The news source and micro-blog just came back, in the near future, fear it will be a piece of fat Shanghai dragon Er gnaw. This to the news source and micro-blog nieyibahan.

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Shanghai medical industry NOUN disease be the most changeful, observe the ranking has not completely optimized. The front page is the "big customer" website – a good doctor, 39 Health Network, Phoenix Health etc.. This is the Shanghai dragon medical industry the most competitive battlefield, this one will love Shanghai medical station optimization shut out, guess a love of Shanghai issued to rectify Shanghai dragon industry confusion the determination of the status quo; two is the use of increasing the difficulty of the ranking of Shanghai dragon, to improve hospital disguised love Shanghai for promotion advertising expenses. To improve their profitability; three is by adjusting the name to deter the webmaster, look away. I love Shanghai, you can live well.

to talk about the user experience data. Where users to access, how many pages, see what specific content, share recommendations, how long is the residence time, the number of back rate which are the key data view of the user experience, love the sea launched one after another love love Shanghai Shanghai statistics sharing, are born for these statistics. Love is not only to see Shanghai before the chain and content, make one little fool deceive. After your site outside the chain the more content, do fine, not consumers, ranking is not too good. Useful to the user, this is the future trend of forward love Shanghai, we should be more Shanghai dragon Er personnel should remember the entrepreneurial road.

love website weight data

said such chaos, we all know it, is no longer with words. Now the hospital website Shanghai dragon will decide on what path to follow engaged in the industry, I believe you are already thinking about god. For a long time with no date of return ranking, do you want to continue all the way along the old road outside the chain, still want to open another Kang Ming Avenue? I think, the love of Shanghai attention there are two, one is the user experience data; two is the website weight data.

website weight data, it makes people awful. Now look at the medical word Shanghai rank has probably had an inkling of love. 39, a good doctor, but, they love the Shanghai encyclopedia, "