Readme enterprise website optimization bottlenecks to see how was fast break flow


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is very pleased that I work well to the enterprise, the enterprise is to do health food, what is what products do not say, lest you think is suspected of advertising. When I first entered the business, leadership is also planning department manager, she put me. Let me take a look at, to see what needs to be improved from the angle of the local Shanghai dragon, and write a scheme for her. Write improvement program? I have to learn this before, so I put the base station in Shanghai Longfeng optimization not perfect place to write out, I saw the feeling of leadership is very professional, I’m just a novice. In addition, the director said… Listen to the enterprises attach great importance to the network, and the boss is from network promotion grew up, but the optimization of website is so utterly ignorant of attached great importance to Shanghai, the dragon. In fact, after hearing this, I feel the novice may not perform these optimization work, Mister experience than me, although he is not good at Shanghai dragon, but the network experience is very powerful. But I’m not afraid to lose, since the road choice, to walk, go to climb

so, I began to responsible for the optimization of the website, but the problem is always the one like It is without rhyme or reason., somewhere there is doomed. Although there are problems, but these problems must be solved before I, I move to useless. In fact, the most important question is: "earlier this enterprise has multiple sites over domain name, and a website more than one domain name, and the website of pure flash, in a variety of have." So I solve this problem under the hand, with the boss suggested leaving only a site of a domain name, it is necessary to open in other website, the boss is a sensible man, is also very readily. I also agreed with the CMS Empire to the site, our own design template let go two times, the site of the company development.

In fact, the CMS

the readers and friends, you are good! I am so honored to share such a corporate readme article in today. I want to say is that I am a "genuine goods at a fair price" of the Shanghai new dragon. Why? Because just graduated from University, accidentally entered the medical Shanghai Longfeng, distance today is probably more than a year now, remember that I still do not understand what all the mice, every day by the Shanghai dragon with competent and teach me some simple Shanghai Longfeng foundation; at the same time, is also very hard every day write a soft Wen and a hair of the chain, in general very bitter. So, I try to quit for about a year. I resigned from the white dragon Shanghai promotion for the novice, but also successfully entered into a medium-sized enterprise website optimization work, although I do not have the experience of 3 and 4 years of Shanghai dragon Er so much, but I believe I will surpass them! Now, I believe that my Shanghai dragon played a very solid foundation the enterprise website, also let me very successful optimization. I do a simple readme: