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(1) SEM, love Shanghai in statistics

(4) for the new station, if the site number is relatively small, an index of the amount of data is relatively large, and gradually increased, don’t worry! That new index your normal, over a period of time the index page will be gradually put out.

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(2) in general, sea and site query index number included, will be synchronized growth, which shows a gradual increase in the weight of the website.

contrast from the above data, we can recall love sea index query function in tips, can be found:

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3 launch of the Shanghai statistical self love, love love Shanghai statistics inside the function index query function of the sea has become the focus of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, because the function of data update time has been adjusted from the original each week to now once a day; two is because many of the station reflect the love sea with the site command to query the index is very different. According to the data of different problems, the current love of Shanghai officials also did not give the exact explanation, Shanghai Longfeng celebrities do not have the corresponding explanation. Today, Meng Zeyu to discuss this problem


index fell in love with the sea large number of differences

I love Shanghai’s official statistics Post Bar, found a lot of people in response to this problem, in Post Bar home page at least 10 posts and the related problems. However, the administrator also did not explain in detail, is the official answer. Love falls in love with the sea Shanghai statistical index query tips

(3) if the index data and site query results, the differences of the number of new sites is generally. If the station is a long time, that is the site is down right.

SEM data analysis Institute website


(3) by love Shanghai search the senior command inurl: (semxyz) query results 178, remove some off-site results of 12, a total of 166, included several query and site instructions are the same.


1, most website index data and the site results of



site instruction query of SEM College

(1) in general, love index than the site sea command query included, this is mainly because the index is the number of page love Shanghai love Shanghai crawl the site; the site instruction query to the page just put out the page that the user can search page.

index data and site query results, the differences of the number of