Shanghai Dragon Road 4 years on the lost day gives me a deep reflection


hasn’t seriously Jingxiaxinlai to write articles, suddenly found himself now go some way off. Contact Shanghai dragon has been for 4 years, also learned some other network marketing things, with making money on the Internet, have increased, but gradually lost in the boundless internet.

of course, in this period, I have been constantly learning fragments of knowledge. So kekepengpeng, I really took the Shanghai dragon road, several main keywords company has been stable in the home, a company now left on for nearly a year, but also the website optimization, keywords ranking is still in the first two pages fluctuation.

back to the topic, I confused the Shanghai dragon road. With his knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng deepened, I found, Shanghai Longfeng Er to know there are so many things: construction, optimization, marketing, promotion, management and so on many N things in Shanghai Longfeng road waiting for you. I gradually learn these, at the end of 15 in order to make Shanghai Longfeng knowledge more systematic, less fragmented, fragmentation, reported his training, start the learning step by step Shanghai dragon from zero. Afterwards, Lv Hangze also made a website ranking Shanghai Longfeng self-study nets, OK, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon optimization tutorial these words on the front page. I also want to make money on the web, and then studied the network marketing, through the network earn so little money, but I don’t know what even slowly where you want to go, I can not find the direction of the

do a muddle along without any aim, learning something, suddenly woke up, and make a comb > on this section of the road itself

joined the company in just 2 months later, due to some problems, the network Department of the people are gone except me. I instantly ignorant force, also some excitement, by my own operation optimization, I want to flex its muscles. But, what should I do? Start from where? What do we do first? Then the plan?…… Many problems plaguing me, no way, all love Shanghai, the integration of several options in accordance with the new scheme. Let’s go.


4 years of Shanghai dragon road lost day gives me a deep reflection on


4 years of Shanghai dragon road confused days to bring my profound reflection

remember the original learning Shanghai Longfeng, from the start of the promotion. In college, in order to earn extra money, N chain, post gets a little reward poor, often because of quality, deleted and effective…… After work, from the beginning of the editor and the Commissioner of the chain company to start, with no one, just repeat every day to write articles, send the chain, statistics. So the two week, day in and day out, found no money (future)! Then all kinds of self-study, various physical books, e-books, videos, tutorials, and group, and the forum, as long as the Shanghai dragon aspect, I can get. Finally understand that some self, also feel that they know a lot.