Key words on how to reasonable planning and layout in the web site

web site is the most important keywords are placed in the title to do, but a website main keywords is not too much, the title of the 3 words in general is appropriate. If you think that there are some key words in the title is not good layout can be put in the home to do, so let the keywords has been in close contact and cooperation.

website, then select the main keyword and popular keywords, that some of the more important the popular keyword can be placed on the column page to do, but it should be noted here that the main keyword and popular keywords and correlation times popular keywords, don’t put some irrelevant keywords in the column in such words is not much significance. At the same time keywords should be careful not to repeat the word too much, the search engine will think you are in the stack, this impression of the site is not very good.

There may be a part of the There are many words of

: the first main keywords to do the title, the popular keyword can be placed in the home show.


long tail keywords choose popular word with some popular to drainage is very good, for the long tail for key words in the content page to do, the original quality and content at the same time to pay attention to the contents of the updated frequently, in order to play the effect of long tail keywords. Only the search engine increases the content on the site to grab, to make more long tail word long tail bring more traffic to your site".


process in the novice webmaster do keyword does not know the keyword density number is good, the search engine will not answer you, but I do stand according to the experience, less than eight percent is the best, more than causeresentment too little to no effect, this one needs the webmaster they hold, but remember: choose the right keywords is very important, is the key to the layout of key words. In this paper A5 first, reproduced please keep the link, created by a monopoly thatch tile of the webmaster, thank you for your support, have the time to learn about and support our grassroots entrepreneurs.

third: the content page not long tail keywords, depending on the content of drainage.

website can bring more traffic to the site, it can lead to a better site ranking in search engines, as a keyword analysis of their own website in need, reasonable planning and layout of the site keywords, let your keywords in the search engine’s favorite, then the key should be how to layout in the website

second: popular keywords do column, closely linked to the website main keywords.