Ming order a enterprise stand optimization process to share

ensure start to foot the words, but.

title are arranged in here.

code optimization including pictures alt (search engine optimization told the content of the picture), H (search engine optimization label told the website structure). Bold, add color and so on.

Keywords Keywords optimization of

5. code optimization

, a virtual host


is to carry out internal optimization optimization to link, including head Optimization: Keywords optimization, keywords optimization, description optimization; global optimization, keywords layout, code optimization, keyword density optimization, the optimization of the bottom; Optimization: Links optimization, anchor text optimization.

3.description optimization

description contains Title keywords, written description will bring strong adjuvant action to the site. If the flagship product of the keyword can be repeated two times, increase the weight of.

to do a business station, although unlike portals, social networking sites as particularly high demands on the virtual host, but the stability of the site must be guaranteed. The stability of the site and the speed is to ensure that the site is an important factor in love by the customer, is also an important search engine evaluation data of a web site. Site stability and good speed of search engine will give a good impression.

, reasonable site in the head, middle and bottom side, there are words, let search engines know our website closely from head to foot with keywords, avoid keywords accumulation, a good.

Keywords Here a brief introduction of

2.keywords optimization

A5 friends Hello, very glad to be here to share their usual in website construction and Optimization in the process of experience. Share a few articles a few days ago to be recognized by everyone, feel very happy. Interested friends can go to my A5 space to see my other articles, shortcomings, hope you also generous with your criticism. To share with you today is to optimize the whole process of an enterprise, step by step to optimize the station of a company. I hope this article can play a valuable.


6. density optimization

internal optimization

company provides products and services as the main keyword. Settings such as: (4 words description) + keyword 1_ keywords 2_ keywords 3_ 4_ keywords company name, key words not too much.


optimization mentioned above should pay attention to the details, in order not to let the length is too large, the content is also not much.

4. layoutIt is important that